Types of men's boots and how to choose the perfect pair

Types Of Men's Boots At Spendless Shoes

So, you are looking for a new pair of men's boots. What are the essential things to look out for? How do you pick the perfect ones? Whether you are shopping for yourself or a partner, you want to choose the right pair of men's boots. Spendless is here to talk you through the main types of men's boots, and the advantages of all our different styles. We carry men's boots for casual, dress and work situations. Now, let's get to it!

Casual styles

If you are looking for casual men's boots, then the best place to start would be to search online on our website in the men's category and follow it to the main "boots" section. Our men's boots range from $49.99 to $59.99 and come in a few colours such as black, dark brown and tan. Shoes here can blur the line between dressy and casual, as they can work well as both. In honesty, it tends to depend on whether you wear them with a pair of jeans or some nice chinos. It all depends on the outfit. However, they do make excellent casual wear for the colder months.

Formal footwear

Our best dress styles are fit for black-tie events and work parties. Our lace-up men's boots add a relaxed air to the rest of your attitude, which comes off laidback and confident with jackets, blazers, and other formal wear. Even a button-up shirt and fitted trousers will look suave with these men's boots. These could be a good option for winter or country bridal parties- but it is still worth running it by the rest of the attendees first.

The best for work

Of course, you may not be thinking of men's boots for a casual or formal day. You might be after some of our great work styles. Our men's boots for work come in a range of styles. These are styles built for heavy-duty wear, so they include steel cap toes and slip-resistance features. The primary colours include black and wheat. Our range of work shoes are excellent for people who work on construction sites or are looking for a sturdy style that will give them the protection that they need.

Men's boots with laces often have extra padding and cushioning around the ankle, where they can be tightened and loosened as you desire. Even the laces are a step above casual laces, with a thicker pattern built to endure the harsh treatment they can find traipsing around worksites.

Men's boots in a pull-on style are quick to slide on and off, which is handy in an early morning rush. These are just as tough as the lace-up style, but where you might need to adjust the laces for a better fit, these have elastic panels that make way for you. Pull-on men's boots conform more quickly to your foot shape, so you are guaranteed the comfort in the right size.

Prices range from $39.99 to $69.99, so these men's boots come at an affordable price and excellent quality.

Ease of online shopping

At Spendless we like to make things simple, so shopping online on our website is easy! Here's how:
1. Find the shoes, and choose the colour, quantity, and size
2. Add to cart, and wait to be redirected to the shipping page
3. Fill in your details, and select either express or standard shipping.
4. Select to pay using a credit card, or Afterpay/Zippay.
5. Complete your transaction— your new purchase will be on its way!

Finding the perfect men's boots is simple with Spendless Shoes. In our range of casual, dress and work styles, you are sure to find the right pair of men's boots in no time. Get the look for less. Shop at Spendless Shoes.