Tips you need to know about finding boys sandals

How To Find Sandals For Boys

Trying to find a pair of boys' sandals for your child can be difficult, but Spendless Shoes is here to give you the tips you need to know about finding boys sandals.
Having a pair of boys' sandals in the summertime is a necessity as instead of having to wear sneakers or enclosed shoes all the time you can allow your child's feet to breathe. There are also other problems that you may encounter such as your boy depending on the age might not want to go shopping, so a few tips to know what you are looking for will help make purchasing boys' sandals much easier.

School styles

Boys' sandals are a great option for school. Unlike other boys' sandals, our styles have enclosed toes— the strappy design allows breathability, but your child will still be allowed out on the playground. It is doubtful any bark-chips or twigs will make their way into these boys' sandals, so your kids can play without a care.

Casual boys' sandals

Our casual styles for kids are just as cool as our adult shoes. We have several lookalikes into our men's and boys' sandals range, which includes one resembling a Birkenstock. Boys' sandals have the classic dual straps, only as velcro instead of buckles, and come with an additional strap on the heel so little feet will not slide out the back. Others have good tread and a sportier, streamlined design. Most of these styles come with velcro straps too, which means you will not have to worry about fiddly laces or buckles that are hard to budge. If you are in a rush, you will be incredibly relieved that you picked up these boys' sandals.

For the beach

Yep, we also include thongs in our boys' sandals category. These have fun patterns and come in bright colours, which makes them easy to spot if they happen to be kicked off or lost nearby. For our littlest customers, these boys' sandals come with an elastic sling-back strap on the heel to keep tiny feet secure at all times. Parents will love how easy to clean these are.


Kids are always growing out of things: their toys, clothes, and especially their shoes. Thankfully, Spendless Shoes has a vast range of sizes in all our shoe styles. If you have found a pair of boys' sandals that your child adores, you can buy the same style in a bigger size, at least until they outgrow it completely. Want to buy online, but are unsure about the sizing? Check out our sizing guide next to the shoe description or at the bottom of the webpage. You will find measurements for kids' shoes and toddler shoes here, along with adult sizes.

To review

On our website, you can see all of our boys' sandals under the main 'boys' category on our site in the aptly named 'sandals'. We have a range of different boys' sandals such as velcro, thongs and slip-on. Velcro straps are great because they are quick to secure on your feet and get going, and you do not have to worry about them coming off. However, if you are after something a little more casual, then we have a range of slip on and thongs which are also great for those summer days heading down to the beach or going for a quick trip to the shops.
If you are looking for a pair of boys' sandals for your little one, Spendless has you covered. When you shop with us, you can always get the look for less. We will always be here to help you find the right boys' sandals that your kids will love.