Tips to Buying Your Little Ones First Pair Of Shoes

First Walkers At Spendless Shoes 

Finding the best shoes for toddlers and babies has a unique range of issues attached to it. First Walkers are a unique Spendless Shoes category, providing our smallest customers with their earliest pair of shoes. It is essential to find the right shoes for growing feet, as they have different needs to older children's feet. Hard, stiff, or heavy shoes could cause damage to your child's development, which is why at Spendless Shoes we take precautions with our First Walkers to ensure the best comfort. Lightweight and flexible is the way to go.

The importance of velcro

Velcro straps are a leading feature of our First Walkers, as they keep feet safe and secure. The last thing you want is to lose kids' shoes while you are out and about, especially since you are not likely to know until you get home. First Walkers incorporating velcro are easy to adjust for the best size, and they make it harder for shoes to get kicked off and lost.


We carry First Walkers in soft styles for the gentlest treatment of developing feet. Little fabric booties come in comfortable slip-on styles or with velcro straps. These are the perfect shoes for babies and toddler, as they are seriously soft, light, and flexible. First Walkers have all the comfort of thick, fluffy sock, but with a little protective sole on the bottom. Overdoing arch support is a mistake when it comes to First Walkers, as babies and toddlers still have before evolving that foot shape. Flat, cushioned shoes are easily the better option while they get started walking.

Parents will love our little girls' First Walkers, especially the boots. We have a shiny pink bootie with a large bow and faux fur lining for added warmth and cosiness.


Bones are softer and more fragile around these ages than any other, so wiggle room for tiny toes is always a good thing. First Walkers in sandal style provide a significant amount of wiggle room. Great for day-trips and walks outside, they have a grip at the bottom which can protect feet from sharp objects and surfaces. The more durable sole is also a lovely feature on a shoe worn by someone who is still learning to walk, as our First Walkers should minimise tripping or sliding.

Once again, velcro straps on these First Walkers prevent movement and slipping inside of the shoes themselves, while also providing air and breathing space for feet. Did you know babies and toddlers sweat more than older kids? It's true— their bodies cannot regulate their temperate as well as an older child. Just another excellent reason to provide air flow around their feet.


All of our First Walkers come with adorable patterns and embellishments included, usually with a theme. We have First Walkers with cute stitched detail with flowers and butterflies. Others have shiny metallic material, or a motif like dinosaurs, spots, hearts, or stars. At Spendless Shoes, we want our First Walkers to be just as cute as the kids wearing them. Little boys and girls will love tromping around in our shoes.

At Spendless Shoes, our range of First Walkers even has a personal category. We take pride and care in making the best shoes all our customers, including the oldest and youngest of us. We know there is an entirely different set of requirements for First Walkers than for shoes worn by other ages, so our products are carefully designed and constructed with all this in mind. Visit us online or in store today to find the perfect First Walkers for your child, and get the look for less.