Tips For Wearing In Your New Women's Flats Without Getting A Blister

Many ladies have a common problem when purchasing new women's flats, and unfortunately, it's unavoidable. Sadly, no matter how much you spend on leather branded shoes, they won't prevent those annoying blisters.


It's no wonder why most ladies prefer to walk around in their old worn-out women's flats instead of buying a new pair and putting their feet through the turmoil!


So, luckily for you, Spendless Shoes are here to help avoid those blisters. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that wearing our women's flats would not result in friction and blisters, but we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help avoid blisters from forming and how to treat them if they do.

Worry no more, our brands shop have prepared all of you a huge range of tips on how to avoid getting blisters in wearing flats.


Nothing is worse than having a new set of women's flat footwear rip your feet apart and store them in your closet, among other shoes you never wear because they hurt your toes.


Believe us; we get it; we have all experienced this situation. So, continue reading, and we'll teach you how to solve the terrible new work shoe conundrum!




When you get a new pair of women's flat shoes, don't get too excited and jump the gun. Instead, wear them right away on a day when you have a lot of errands to run.


Do not take that kind of risk with a new pair of flat sandals! However, it is very important to break in a new pair of women's flat shoes, and here's what you need to do to make sure that happens…




As sexy as it may sound, it's necessary to browse and try on shoes when your feet are swollen and puffier than usual when purchasing a new pair of casual flats.


Make this trip last on your to-do list after spending a few hours on your feet. This will allow your feet to naturally swell, changing how a pair of new shoes feels on your feet.




We advise going into the shoe store to try on new women's flats rather than assuming if you can. After that, stroll around the store while properly testing the shoes on.


Try performing some of the motions and tasks you would usually do while wearing a pair of women's flats. You want to make sure that these new shoes are comfortable in the shop. 


If you are already feeling some sort of pain, then they probably aren't the right ones for you, and they'll end up being a bad purchase.


Once you've taken your new flat shoes home, again, don't jump the gun just yet! Before you present these women's flats at your upcoming event, wear them about the house for at least an hour or so at your house.


By doing this, you are moulding the shoes to your feet and making them more comfortable when wearing them out and about.




If this hasn't worked, then perhaps it's time to break out to pull out the chunky socks! Yes, you heard that correctly. Try walking around the house in a pair of thick socks and your new shoes to stretch the fabric.


Here's a handy tip: if you are wearing these women's flat shoes to work and have persistent blisters, then bring your chunky socks to work with you. If you are sitting at a desk, try this tip and eventually, the fabric on your shoes should stretch.


If those natural remedies are not working for you, then you might want to pick up some footwear accessories from Spendless Shoes.




Heel grips are something you should automatically pick up when you purchase a new pair of women's flat shoes. This will always ease the inevitable discomfort of breaking into new shoes.


Heel grips are your knight in shining armour if you are prone to blisters since they will give you an easy and comfortable fit around your heel.


Pick up some heel grips the next time you buy a pair of women's flat shoes if you want to avoid getting those annoying heel blisters in the first place.




Invisible socks will be your favourite if your women's flats have enough room and coverage. However, you know the wonderful support and comfort that socks may provide for any shoe style. 


So why not match your new women's flat shoes with a pair of socks? Wearing these invisible socks are applicable to any shoes like classic ballet flats, loafers, sneakers, heels, and etc. We're sure, this is a perfect fit for you that you can wear with your office shoes and outfit.


So the next time you slip on your new women's flats, don't forget to slip these invisible socks on, too, to prevent throbbing blisters on your feet! You can shop online here with us and you can have it in classic colours such as black, grey, and white.




Flats may cause blisters, and from time to time, they can be quite uncomfortable because of their flat profiles. This can bring on unwanted pain in your joints and calves. If this is something you might be struggling with, then you may need to add a gel innersole to your flats.


Our gel innersoles provide additional cushioning that is needed in a new pair of women's flat shoes. In addition, these innersoles can help reduce the stress on joints, especially if you spend most of your day on your feet.




Unlike a full-size gel innersole, our half innersoles are half the size but still provide the additional support and cushioning that you need. In addition, half innersoles provide complete comfort and security. These innersoles have adhesive bases that can be stuck to the soles of your women's flat footwear.

Now you know the tips for wearing your new flat shoes?

Try these easy suggestions to reduce blister pain if you're looking for a new pair of women's flats. Or, even better, head over to Spendless Shoes and purchase some foot care accessories to lessen the discomfort.

It's time to give those pesky blisters the flick!