Tips For Walking In High Heels

Our Guide To Wearing Heels!

As much as we all love high heels, you have to admit that they aren't always the most user-friendly footwear. It can take weeks of practice to perfect walking in a straight line without wobbling, and even then, you have all sorts of different heights and designs to figure out how to move in as well. At Wildfire, we want you to feel confident and glamorous in every pair of our high heels, and trips and stumbles are the one way to diminish that self-assurance.

So, as we head towards the festival season, we thought we could help you brush up on your tips for walking in high heels!

1) Walk heel to toe

Watching a novice try to move from toe-first, or lay their high stilettos utterly flat as they step, can be an awkward experience for everyone. It looks unnatural, uncomfortable, requires a lot of your attention, and can distract you from whatever else it is that you're meant to be doing. Try to walk as normally and naturally as you can in your high heels, while still maintaining your balance.

2) Take smaller steps

Taking little steps is one easy way to help adjust your walk to work correctly with your latest pair of platforms. Until you gain some experience with the pair of high heels you're talking out, keep your strides short; this should help prevent you from overbalancing and stumbling as you walk. The steeper your high heels are, the smaller the steps you should be taking.

3) Walk slowly

There's no need to rush! Some people think that pushing straight into a power-walk will somehow trick their feet into adjusting to their high heels faster. This run-before-you-walk mentality might work for riding a bike, but rarely with your newest stilettos. Take a deep breath and keep your steps steady. While you might feel a little bit slow, anyone watching will view it as calm, collected, and confident!

4) Make sure that your high heels fit

Whether you're heading out with your friends, off to a fancy function for work, or having a special celebration with family, the last thing that you want is to have poorly-fitting high heels ruining your good time. High heels in the wrong size will slowly but surely sabotage your comfort and your steps.

Wildfire can easily exchange your shoes for the proper size, so there's no excuse for going out in a too-tight or too-loose pair!

5) Compensate with accessories

If your feet are sensitive and need some extra love and care before sliding into a set of high heels, then Wildfire has the perfect item to add onto your next purchase— our Sole Salvation kit! You can adjust the depth of your high heels with some gel cushions.

Not only are they super squishy and comfortable on the ball of your foot, but they can also help you fit into a larger style. If slipping or pinching at the back of your ankle is the problem, then our gel grips will work a treat!

These will provide an excellent cushy barrier and help protect your skin from blister-causing irritations.

6) Choose the right height and style

High heels have never been this versatile at Wildfire! For long-lasting comfort and support, choose some of our thick espadrilles or block-style high heels. If you love slim stilettos but dread stumbling on a great style, then go for a medium-sized one!

So, does that clear some things up?

We want every pair of high heels at Wildfire to make you feel like a queen! Learning how to walk in them is just the first hurdle. For high heels that can bring out your wild side, shop online today!