Thongs, the perfect summer accessory

A great pair of thongs can be so vital when it comes to the summer months. They are a quick and easy style that you can slip them on when you feel like it. These are perfect when it is so hot you can barely be bothered leaving the house, let along struggling a pair of shoes onto your feet. At Spendless Shoes, we have a vast range of thongs for the entire family! Kids, women, and men will all find great styles in our stores and online.
Thongs are perfect for a lazy day down by the beach, a quick dash out to the shops, or for a leisurely stroll outside. Plus, they are super fast to clean and dry! Just wash them off if they get dirty, and either let them sun-dry or towel them off.

On the Spendless website, we have a dedicated area to our flat styles under the men's, women's and kids' categories, which includes thongs. You can easily find pairs for the whole family.

For women

These shoes toe the line between casual beach shoes and fancy slide-on styles. The classic beach thongs range from plain, to diamante or beaded decorations on the straps. These are perfect for a day by the seaside, or even for a bridal beach party. If you are after a fabulous pair of thongs, then you can't go past our styles. We have a range of thongs that are traditional and also include some bling on them just in case you want something a bit dressier.

For men

Men's thongs are typically thicker, with wide toe straps for added style and good fit. Like our other styles, these shoes have grooves on their soles to help aid grip. Sizing is also very flexible— our thongs include some of the largest sizes that we carry at Spendless Shoes. Want to see if you will fit? Check out the handy sizing guide near the shoe description.

For kids

Our thongs for kids come in some seriously adorable styles. Boys and girls will love the bright colours and cool patterns from which to choose.

The prices

Our thongs range from $7.99 to $29.99 so instead of paying out more for your shoes you can put more funds towards the more essential things (such as BBQ).
Thongs can be found in our men's range under the sandals category where there is a range of colours and styles from $7.99 to $39.99.
If you are looking for the little ones, our thongs will be spotted under categories of girls and boys in the sandals area. The boys range from $7.99 to $9.99, and the girls' range is $9.99.
Don't wait to buy your next perfect pair of thongs! Find styles for the whole family when you shop for thongs at Spendless Shoes. Our thongs will be the best fit for the summer and keep your feet safe and comfy while you and yours have fun in the sun. Get the look for less when you shop thongs at Spendless Shoes.
I have found some thongs that I love. How should I purchase them?

Purchasing online

If you are buying online, then you can follow these steps:
1. Choose the shoe, colour and size that you are after.
2. Click add to cart, if you are only after one pair, click 'Checkout'.
3. It will then redirect you to a new page which includes shipping details and methods. Fill in your details and choose your shipping methods such as express shipping or standard.
4. It will then take you to the review and payments options where you can choose between credit card, Afterpay or Zippay.
5. Complete your transaction, and your new thongs will be on the way to you!
If you have located a pair that you want to enjoy all through the summertime, but are either unable to find your size online or always like to try before buying, you can head into your nearest Spendless Shoes store to buy your thongs.

Locating a store

If you would like to buy thongs in a store you can find them this way:
• Click on the shoes, add size and colour, and then click 'find in store'.
• Fill in your postcode and distance and then view stores
• Choose your stores and update your selection.
• It will then tell you if your nearest store has your thongs in stock and you can get the store details to ring them or to locate their address.
Finding a pair of thongs for the entire family should not be hard or expensive, and Spendless have made it easy for you to get a pair for everyone!