Things to look for in a non-slip safety shoe for work

How to Find The Best Non-Slip Saftey Shoe

So, you are looking for a non-slip safety shoe for work? Well, what do you look for? Spendless is here to help you go through the things to look for when purchasing a non-slip safety shoe for work.
Spendless have a range of non-slip safety shoes for work, and we have a variety of styles for both women and men which can be found on our website but what do you need to look out for?

Safety Certified

One of the essential elements of a non-slip safety shoe for work is that it has been certified. Spendless Everflex sure step has been certified and is specially designed for employees of hospitality and aged care industries.

Non-slip properties

The next is ensuring that your non-slip safety shoe has specialised features, such as a slip-resistant sole, oil resistant outsole, commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole, heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support and flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort. Spendless has all these properties ticked off and can find you a non-slip safety shoe that matches your requirements.


Another thing to look in non-slip safety shoes is their durability. Our Everflex Sure Step styles have heaps of padding on our sole to ensure endurance, as well as heel impact cushioning for shock absorption.


The fit is another thing to look for non-slip safety shoes. At Spendless you can ensure you are getting the correct fit in two ways. One is through our size guide which can be found on our website and will allow you to pick the right size for you and the other is our locator to 'find in store'. Our 'find in store' locator can be used this way:
• Click on the preferred non-slip safety shoe, size and colour and then click 'find in store'.
• Fill in your postcode and distance and then view stores
• Choose your stores and update your selection.
• It will then tell you if your nearest store has your non-slip safety shoes in stock, and you can get the store details to ring them or to locate their address.

Finally, if you are finding that your non-slip safety shoes are not giving you the support you need, you can also add extra comfort by purchasing one of our innersoles. Innersoles are a great accessory, even to cosy non-slip safety shoes. Innersoles will provide you with the additional support that you need if you might be on your feet all day and will take the shock of walking.
Overall there are a few things to look for when you are purchasing a non-slip safety shoe for work, and with the help of Spendless, you will be well on your way to finding the perfect pair for you which ticks all your boxes!