The Secret To Finding The Perfect Pair Of Heels

The Perfect Pair Of Womens Heels

Get the look for less when you shop women's heels at Spendless Shoes! With different heights, materials, designs, and colours to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect pair!

The occasions

First, consider where you want to wear your women's heels in the first place. Are these for a special event, casual wear, an option for work, or something that can switch between all of these?

Height and comfort

At Spendless Shoes, we have women's heels with all kinds of all heights. We know how a tall pair of stilettos can boost your confidence and your stature in one, and how you love spending a day in your lowest, comfiest little women's heels.

As a general rule, comfort goes hand-in-hand with the height and width of women's heels Wedges and block bases provide the most supports, so you will last more than a few hours of wearing them. Stilettos, tall or low, are lovely but less comfortable.

The lower you go, the more comfortable you will be. Want stilettos? Try kitten-style women's heels or something around five to six centimetres tall. Not only are these great for hours of walking and extended wear, but they are also ideal for corporate wear. These heights are professional and practical, which is excellent if you want to wear them in a workplace that has a dress code.

If you want to push past this height without sacrificing comfort, then go for women's heels with broader bases, such as our espadrille wedges or block styles.


The kind of finish you want your women's heels to come in is another essential choice. As it stands, Spendless Shoes offers the majority of our styles with metallic, glitter, patent, faux suede, and leather-look finishes. A bolder material can be the difference between a nice pair of women's heels and a knockout pair. Now, let's review your options, shall we?

The first ones are the sparkly styles. Diamanté or glitter looks tend to come on our formal women's heels. These are elegant and add instant glamour to any outfit.

If you want something a little more durable but with all of the shine, then a lovely metallic material could be the best fit. Women's heels in metallic are trendy, modern, and very versatile. A textured finish like faux suede makes an instant statement with any outfit. These are an easy way to add some contrast to your wardrobe if you tend to get women's heels in the same colours.

Patent women's heels are glossy, high-shine options. Gorgeous with anything, our patent looks tend to be pumps.


Colour is a big thing to consider when you are looking to buy a new set of women's heels. Black is well-loved since it is sleek and classy on women's heels. Tan and natural tones are subtle and can make your legs appear slimmer. Metallic materials are modern, sophisticated, and eye-catching. Bright colours like pink and red are an instant statement and liven any outfit up.

Women's heels in black, tan, white, and natural are favourites because they can easily get paired with other colours. If you want a versatile pair that can match your current wardrobe, or be switched in and out during the week without getting tired, then these complementary shades are the way to go.

If you want something fresh and trendy, then going for a bold glitter, metallic, or colourful finish is a good idea. You can brighten your ensembles in an instant with women's heels in these shades, and add some more excitement to your wardrobe.

Are you ready for your next set?

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