The Perfect Summer Sandals For Women Of All Ages!

Sandals That Every Women Will Love 

Are you searching for the ultimate women’s sandals this summer?

We have dozens of great styles for you to choose from, but today our focus is on slides!  

Hot designs

Slides are a must-have set of women’s sandals in any wardrobe in the warmer months! At Spendless Shoes, our slip-on styles are just the thing to help you get out into the sunshine this season and make the most of it!

We have a few main variations to choose from with these designs, and plenty of diversity with colours and textures, so finding a set of women’s sandals that appeal to you is only a matter of time!

1) Crossover straps

These women’s sandals have cool x-shaped bands over the top of the feet. They are a simple design but effectively shape and slim down the broadest part of your feet. We love the crossover look with all of your casual basics, whether you pick a patterned dress, some classic denim shorts. Otherwise, our crossover women’s sandals will be a great fit with your bathers if you need something trendy to slip into on your way for a swim!

2) Decorative buckles

Turn a functional feature into an eye-catching highlight. Big buckles across the straps are an easy way to add a metallic element to your look and to set them apart from your regular slides. Where plainer women’s sandals are more at home near the beach or outdoors, this dressier variation is sure to slink into more formal settings.

3) Diagonal straps and toe bands

Switching up the angles on your women’s sandals is a fun way to bring a fresh feel to the rest of your collection. If horizontal bands beset your slides, then these will shake things up! Like our crossover women’s sandals, the toe bands on this design help shape our foot, bring a more secure fit, and add another element of style!

4) Mules

Last, but by no means least, we have our mules. A popular peep-toe, thick top band and a flexible design are just some of the perks of these women’s sandals! You can have your pick of a smooth leather-look synthetic or even some soft faux suede for your feet with mules!

Bringing the best bases

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends of the season, then you already know how loved thick soles have been on shoes. As such, it should be no surprise that our women’s sandals are coming with plushier platforms. Spongy and supportive, this addition brings support and style in one! Unlike wedges, these “flatform” women’s sandals have no incline or angle to the base so that you can enjoy long-lasting comfort.

Of course, if you still prefer the look and feel of a classic thin base, then we still have all your favourite women’s sandals available too.

The perfect add-ons

It’s no secret that at Spendless Shoes, we love adding some glamour to our women’s sandals. A bit of glitter, some metallic beads, or even cool geometric embellishments are a quick way to formalise these summer shoes. If you’re heading to any special events, such as a beach wedding or party, then these decorated women’s sandals are just the ones to pick!

However, this summer, there is one combination that stands above the rest: diamantes and rhinestones! We adore a line of sparkly rhinestones across the top of your women’s sandals or along the straps. A notable fashion trend with casual wear, these glinting women’s sandals also provide an excellent excuse for you to accessorise with jewellery, makeup, or even a phone case in the same dazzling look!

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