The Perfect School Shoe For Girls Of All Ages!

Tips for finding Girls School Shoes 

Kids, it's time to hit the books. Parents, it's time to grab some new girls' school shoes! Spendless has a great lineup waiting for you. It won't be long until students start heading back into the classroom, so make sure they do it in style. With our girls' school shoes, you can even stop your worry about uniform requirements too!

Classroom classics

If you close your eyes and imagine girls' school shoes, these are what you will end up picturing. Round-toed, shiny, all-black styles with neatly tied laces. You can't change perfection, after all. Any of our girls' school shoes in this base design would be the ideal pick for any student.

So, how do we help add some diversity to this quintessential range of girls' school shoes?

First, fastenings!

Laces are an obvious pick for older kids, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Girls' school shoes with two touch-fastening top straps, or one full tab, are a fantastic pick for early learners. Since most of them are too young to tie their laces up yet, you can help avoid accidents caused by tripping or stepping on untied shoelaces.

For kids who are a little more independent and learning to do up girls' school shoes by themselves, you can help safeguard against loose knots and laces with a top securing strap.

Second, the tread!

Some of our best girls' school shoes come with sporty-feeling soles and good grip. These are great for kids who love running around during recess and lunch. We also have styles with low little heels to provide more arch support.

Third, the material!

At Spendless, we give you the choice of leather, synthetic, or a combination of both materials on your girls' school shoes. The leather is renowned for its breathability and flexibility, which earns it points for comfort and coolness. Synthetic girls' school shoes are less difficult to clean, harder to mark, shine up well. Whatever your choice, you can still enjoy the quality.

Mary-Jane sandals

Mary-Jane girls' school shoes are a popular pick for younger students since they have either simple buckle or touch-fastening straps instead of laces. Since you don't always need to wear them with socks, they are also an excellent choice for hotter months, where little feet might need more airflow and room to breathe.

But, are these girls' school shoes appropriate for students? Most of the time, yes! At Spendless, our enclosed and partially-enclosed Mary-Jane styles keep toes fully covered. The only open space is on the bridge of the foot, and in some tiny, decorative cutouts on the top. As a general rule, the enclosed toes should qualify these girls' school shoes for wear outside and on the playground.

Sporty styles and active wear

Sneakers and trainers may not be your immediate thought when it comes time to buy girls' school shoes, but if your kids play sports or have PE classes, then the will make their way onto your shopping list sooner rather than later.

Most dress codes are fairly lenient when it comes to sporty footwear, which means your child should have her pick of fun colours and designs. At Spendless, some of our favourites come in purple, pink, blue or black. As with regular girls' school shoes, these come in a mix of touch-fasting straps and laced styles.

You might even browse some of our License styles, for designs that incorporate much-loved cartoon and movie characters!

However, if your child's girls' school shoes, even sneakers, have to follow a harsher dress code, then we also have some styles in all-black and all-white. So, are your kids prepped and ready to learn?

Shop online or in stores for girls' school shoes at Spendless!