The Perfect Men’s Shoes For A Wedding

Mens Wedding Shoes At Spendless

Ready to shop for men's wedding shoes? You have come to the right place. At Spendless, we have been helping customers find their perfect pair for over thirty years now. We have a variety of men's wedding shoes to choose from, and all the best tips and trick to go with them. So, let's get started!
Remember to balance everything out

As a general rule, the dressier you go with you men's wedding shoes, the more forgiving people will be if your outfit looks casual. However, the reverse is also true if you pick a relaxed set of men's wedding shoes— you are expected to dress up a little more to compensate. In essence, it is a balancing act. You might pair some glossy lace-up men's wedding shoes with a simple buttoned shirt and some chinos, or finish off a sharp navy suit with some trendy boots.

However, you will want to check that your choices (men's wedding shoes, jackets, pants, the whole ensemble) are appropriate and fit the dress code before you show up on the day. Drop a line to another guest, or even the bride and groom, so that you can be sure that you will not be heading into the venue overdressed or underdressed.

Going for the full-formal effect

If you want men's wedding shoes to finish off your best suits and formal wear, then we can accommodate you. At Spendless, our dressy men's wedding shoes are the perfect last touch that will have you looking and feeling fantastic.

First, let's talk colours. For men's wedding shoes, the main choices are glossy black and burnished tan. These are classic looks that will work well at any special event. Black is easy to pair with any other colour, while tan will complement blues, greens, greys, and other browns.

Laces are a popular choice with our men's wedding shoes since you can adjust the fit. Slip-on styles are favourites because they are a fast style to get on and off in a hurry— if you dread getting caught short somewhere while you do-up your men's wedding shoes, then a slip-on could be the right choice.

Are you more of a laidback guy?

Want something you can recycle into your regular casual wear once the big day has finished? No problem! At Spendless, we have men's wedding shoes that will be your ideals— boots! That's right, boots. Our boots come in faux suede lace-ups or pull-on styles with a smooth leather-look material. By wearing boots as men's wedding shoes, you will get good coverage and protection for your feet, a relaxed and confident air about you, and new pair to put in your wardrobe until winter and autumn. These men's wedding shoes are especially well-suited to outdoor venues where you need something a little more robust.

Now, you will probably have to go to a bit of extra effort on your outfit the dress code is strictly formal, but the rewards will be worth it.

Sneak some add-ons in

If you are worried about the feel or fit of your men's wedding shoes, then do something about it! At Spendless, we have an array of fabric, comfort foam, and gel innersoles that you can slide into your men's wedding shoes with ease. These can even be cut down to size. Our innersoles are incredibly subtle and should be hidden from view when you have your men's wedding shoes on, so you can enjoy comfort without sacrificing style at any point.

Are you ready to buy?

At Spendless, our friendly staff would be happy to help you online or in one of our stores. If you have questions, we have the answers. Get the look for less, and some new men's wedding shoes today!