The Perfect Casual Mens Shoe that will Go With Almost Any Outfit

A Shoe For Every Occasion

Is it time to update your collection of casual men's shoes? Spendless has the looks for you! Our range comes with the latest and greatest from 2018. Don't spend your summer in outdated casual men's shoes! Freshen things up when you shop from our collection. So, are you ready to get a look at some of our hottest styles?

Woven-top casual men's shoes

We like these best worn without socks— just something to keep in mind! These sophisticated, lace-up, dressy, casual men's shoes have a relaxed but modern feel. For a look that screams 'smart casual', try a collared shirt, crisp chinos, and maybe even a hat or jacket in the same colour to finish it off! The woven top and sides on these casual men's shoes mean good air circulation, so your feet can keep cool while still enjoying the classy feel of regular formal footwear!

Boast your boat-styles

These casual men's shoes have been something of a surprise! In the last few seasons, with a dramatic shift in look and audience thanks to some fresh new designs, boat-style casual men's shoes have burst onto the scene. The comfortable fit, softly rounded toes, and smooth look remains, but with some laced side features, as well as modern colours and panelling, these casual men's shoes have an ageless feel!
Perfect for hours of extended wear, boat-style casual men's shoes are the ideal choice for mid-level events where sneakers and formal styles could both look out of place.

Turn it up with trainers

Do you love going hard at the gym, or play sports on the weekend? Like your early morning runs during the summer, before sunrise comes and the day grows hot? Sneaker, trainers, and other sporty casual men's shoes are just what you need! At Spendless, our range of running styles brings the perfect balance of look and function.

We know how many guys like spending their weekends hanging with their friends, running errands, or chilling around in their active wear. You get the comfy feel of your weekend clothes, but with the high-energy look of sports attire. Add the finishing touch to your look with a pair of trainers from Spendless, for the sportiest casual men's shoes.

Summer-ready looks

Start your season off the right way with some of our waterproof casual men's shoes! If you plan on enjoying the sunshine down at the beach, out at the poolside, or even off to a waterpark or on pop-up slides, then you need casual men's shoes that are up to wet wear.

Luckily, our collection of thongs and reef-walkers will be a perfect match! We have everyone's favourite PCV flip-flops and thongs. Our sturdy sandals with touch-fastening straps will tackle rugged rocks, slippery seaweed, and other hazards down by the shore!

Out in the yard

For some quintessential casual men's shoes, you cannot forget about our slip-on footwear. With elastic gussets and fittings for a quick fit on and off of your foot, these classic styles are perfect for wearing in the shed or garden, or just for stepping outside to grab the paper. These casual men's shoes can live by the door, providing you with an instant go-to!

So, are you ready to welcome some of these into your home?

Shop for casual men's shoes today at Spendless! Need help finding your ideal fit? Head into one of our stores, and our helpful team members would be more than happy to help you find the right pair! Otherwise, you can look online! It convenient, quick, and we give all the information you need to find the best casual men's shoes. For the latest look this summer, it's time that you tried Spendless!