The Perfect Casual Men’s Shoe For The Man In Your Life!

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Casual Men's Shoes 

Is it time to expand your wardrobe? Get the best casual men's shoes from Spendless today! As the weather heats up and the search for spring and summer styles starts, it is time you started looking for your next great pair of casual men's shoes. So, we're here to give you a quick glimpse into our selection today!

Trainers and sneakers

Perfect for guys who love to wear their exercise or sports gear on the weekends. When you wear these as casual men's shoes, you bring a laidback and sporty feel to your entire outfit. Excellent for guys who are off for a run, out to training, or sneaking in a quick workout. If you are an early-riser or late-night jogger, then you will appreciate the added safety that comes from our easily-visible fluorescent colours. The mesh-lining will allow air to circulate, and the durable tread can hold its own on slippery courts or lawn.

Our fashionable sporty casual men's shoes are perfect for your everyday wardrobe. While they maintain the same relaxed feel as our sneakers and trainers, these come in an array of trendy finishes. Retro-stripes, soft faux suede, and colour panels are just some of the highlights.


Slip-on enclosed casual men's shoes. These are great to wear around the house, out to the shops, or in the yard. With contrast stitching on the upper for added style, these are a go-to for casual men's shoes. You can slide them on and off at your convenience, while the excellent grip on the sole will keep you safe and stable wherever you roam.

Boat shoes

When it comes to casual men's shoes, it is hard to find a more exciting combination than our boat styles. Somewhere between a trendy sneaker and comfortable loafer, these casual men's shoes have exposed laces up the side for an extra effect. You will want to wear these casual men's shoes out and about inland as well, as are an excellent way to dress down a formal get-up or shape-up your daily wear.


Don't be fooled— our sandals are not for only the beach! These casual men's shoes will make a nice addition to your everyday wardrobe too!

It's no small wonder that Birkenstock-style sandals are still going strong for summer in 2018! With their stylish dual-buckle straps, a ridged sole, and shaped footbed, these casual men's shoes embody the best of style and practicality. You can wear these out and about as you like with your favourite jeans and a t-shirt.

Gladiators are also a fantastic pick! At Spendless, our favourite of these casual men's shoes is a tough style and super versatile. When it comes to places or occasions you can wear these casual men's shoes, the list goes on and on! The sole is flexible but hard-wearing. The spacing between the straps shows off a smart design; this feature will allow sweaty feet better breathability.


Reef-walker sandals are a good style that can deal with whatever your day throws at you! We love these casual men's shoes for their smooth and adjustable velcro straps, airy design, and versatility. You may not be able to sneak these into a formal restaurant, but for a trip down to the shop on a scorching hot day, these are the casual men's shoes for the job! At the beach and in the water, you can keep your feet safe and secure.

So, which kind of casual men's shoes sounds right for you?

Get the look for less when you shop at Spendless. Treat yourself to the best this season with a new pair of casual men's shoes!