The Importance of the Right School Shoes!

Is it that time again? Are your children due to new kids’ school shoes? Take the stress out of your next shopping trip when you visit Spendless. We have over two hundred stores across Australia, so finding a store in your local area should be no challenge. Not only that, but we also have a fantastic online store where you can get kids’ school shoes as well! So, no matter which of these shopping options is your preference, we can help you out this season. Everything from active styles to classroom ones is available, which means that students of all ages can get the best kids’ school shoes. Get comfortable and get ready, because we’ve got some crucial information to share with you! We’ll make sure that your children step into 2020 in the right pair of kids’ school shoes.

Why is it essential to get the proper kids’ school shoes?

Students spend forty (of the fifty-two) weeks of the year with these on their feet. Kids’ school shoes are, hands down, the pair that they’ll wear the most often during all their years of schooling. That amount of time is way, way, way too long to spend in an uncomfortable style. Kids’ school shoes that don’t fit correctly can put a damper on anyone’s day. Students might be too distracted to listen during lessons and feel too uncomfortable to play during recess and lunch. Otherwise, they might be irritable and have issues with peers and teachers. Badly fitting kids’ school shoes might even cause injuries; oversized pairs make children trip, and cramped styles can affect bone and muscle development in our youngest customers. Take care of your children from the get-go, and they won’t have to deal with pain from kids’ school shoes!

Our care product can correct fit issues instantly! 

Buying oversized kids’ school shoes isn’t always done by mistake. There are plenty of parents who choose to opt for a larger size, especially if their children are in the middle of a growth spurt. Getting a size or two bigger is also an easy way to save money and extend the life of your kids’ school shoes, which they can grow into them. However, it’s critical that if you choose to do this, you keep your children comfortable in the meantime. As such, we’d recommend that you take home some of our innersoles or gel inserts. Comfy add-ins like innersoles slide straight into the base of your kids’ school shoes. They’ll help fill the spaces and gaps created by too-big footwear, so your little student stops tripping and stumbling over the top of them. Plus, they offer extra support and cushioning for feet. With inserts and innersole there to help, you can feel confident in your kids’ school shoes when they embark on their busiest days.  

Here’s what to look out for with your kids’ school shoes:

Anyone with active styles on their shopping list should pay careful attention to the tread. Proper grip is fundamental for stability and movement during fast-paced activities. Your kids’ school shoes should help them have fun and stay fit, not make them slip, slide, and stumble. At Spendless, we pay careful attention to support features and grip for our designs, so you know you’ll get the best.

If the style on your shopping list is for the classroom, then be sure that they’re not too tight! There should be at least a centimetre between the top of their big toe and the end of your kids’ school shoes. Oversized styles can be dealt with effectively, as discussed previously. But, if there's no space in your kids' school shoes, then they need a new pair!

Find the right ones for your children today!