The Biggest 10 Spring Shoe Trends of 2018

Our Ladies Shoes Range 

Spendless loves keeping customers up to date with the best trends of the year. So, we have decided to do a quick spring update for you, and highlight the top ten trends in ladies shoes.

1) Pink

It started with rose gold, then blush, and now pink is hitting ladies shoes once again. You can get tons of tone variation with pink, so it is no surprise that all kinds of ladies shoes are starting to think pink. Where some prefer the pastels and creamy nearly-nudes, vibrant and bright pink is undoubtedly picking up some traction as we draw closer into spring.

2) Mules and slides

Mules have been a bit of a surprise this year. They gained a following through autumn, and have quickly increased in popularity since then. You can find these ladies shoes in tan and black at Spendless, while a few of the variations come in pinks or other hot shades from 2018.

3) Strappy ladies shoes

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that ankle straps are a big thing with ladies shoes. These are the perfect ladies shoes to wear casual and formally, and Spendless carries variants of heels, flats, and even wedges.

4) The big-toe strap

This look has been making waves in our sandals section. When it comes to ladies shoes, even something as subtle as a strap around the big toe can add more to the look. At Spendless, we strongly suspect this trend will be a distinctive look on ladies shoes this summer as well.

5) Snakeskin

And no, not genuine snakeskin. To begin with, Spendless prides itself on having a majority of synthetic and vegan-friendly styles, but the cost of ladies shoes with real snakeskin also does not bare thinking. Snakeskin patterns are popping up on all sorts of surprising ladies shoes. At Spendless you will find several of our retro and stylish trainers have this iconic pattern.

6) Pumps

The ever-classic office staple has finally snuck its way into casual ladies shoes. Pumps are a favourite for spring this year, both casually and formally. At Spendless, we carry several new styles with gorgeous finishes such as microsuede and glossy patent. These are incredibly versatile, so you will easily be able to match things up that are already in your wardrobe.

7) All-white

Trainers, sneakers, block heels, wedges, sandal— we have all sorts of ladies shoes in all-white at Spendless. The all-white trend has official spread from the men's range to the women's. If you love adding sharp contrast in your looks, or appreciate a classy monochromatic aesthetic in the springtime, then the all-white style might be for you.

8) Sling-backs

Yes, sling-backs have indeed made a comeback into the pinnacle of ladies shoes. If they have a kitten heel, then that is even better.

9) Buckles

We saw hints of this trend coming in when Birkenstocks and other buckled sandals started making it big last summer. This spring, there are many sandals and slides boasting big feature buckles. Like the straps around the big toes, there is a good chance this trend will hold through to ladies shoes in the summer.

10) Sock boots

We should have known we hadn't seen the last of these. Sock booties have held a steady line of popularity since they slid into our section of ladies shoes at the start of the season. They are the perfect transitional and trans-seasonal ladies shoes, and also have a desirable slimming effect on the ankles.

And there you have it!

Ten top trends for ladies shoes this spring at Spendless, where you can always get the look for less.