The Best Way to Work Boots Into Your Everyday Wardrobe!

It sounds like someone needs help figuring out their fashion!

Don’t worry— Spendless Shoes can help! If the ins-and-outs of women’s boots go straight over your head, then this little guide should help you out.

The Height Factor

One problem people can have with finding the best way to wear their women’s boots is knowing the heights that work with certain clothes. Each height has its own set of rules, after all! Since we offer women’s boots from ankle-high to thigh-high, we want to clarify:

Ankle-high women’s boots are the most straightforward to match with your clothes. It doesn’t matter if you put these with shorts, skirts, playsuits, dresses, pants or any other article of clothing.

Calf-high styles are slightly trickier. Since these women’s boots fall mid-way up your legs, matching them with the right outfit can be difficult. If you’re going for a classic winter or autumn aesthetic, then put them over skinny jeans or leggings.

Over-the-knee women’s boots are another brain-teaser. If you can put them over your pants comfortably, these can be a fashionable casual look. However, we think pairing them with dresses, skirts, and similar clothes work the best. Add a flirty feel to any ensemble by leaving a gap between your thigh-high women’s boots and your hemline.

Are you having trouble figuring out patterned women’s boots?

This season has seen an influx of products covered in animal-inspired prints, and our women’s boots are no exception. At Spendless Shoes, we have several heeled styles that would be the perfect update for your collection. But, unlike classic black or tan women’s boots, these require some extra thought to their styling.

If you desire to add leopard print into your look, then keep your clothes neutral or monochromatic. Avoid colours that could potentially cause a clash. Put your spotty women’s boots under a white top and beige, black, or denim pants.

Do you want your animal patterns to pop? Find clothes or accessories that match the tone of your women’s boots; this could be a shirt, scarf, phone case, or even a coat. Just make sure that you get leopard patterns with same base colours, so they don’t clash unnecessarily. By adding spots in another part of your outfit, you’ll pull your whole look together!

Trade out your classic heels for women’s boots!

Spendless Shoes has the ideal selection to match your weekend get-up. Our styles come with wide block heels that vary from low to toweringly high. Our women’s boots don’t just give you a height lift and shaping for your calves; they also provide long-lasting comfort and support! Unlike flat women’s boots, our heeled styles create that dressy and elegant feel that you’re sure to love.

Flat women’s boots can also make majestic shoes for music festivals and outdoor events. If you don’t trust yourself to get through the day in heels but refuse to double-down to sneakers, then these are the obvious choice. Try our edgy biker styles with a matching leather jacket or your favourite denim clothes and embrace the grunge.  

The extra coverage from these styles is also a bonus if you go out partying. Where classic pumps and stilettos are uncovered and expose your feet to spilt drinks, cold weather, and anything lingering on the floors, our women’s boots provided an extra barrier. Plus, you’ll barely feel it if someone steps on your feet!

We hope you enjoyed this little guide and found it helpful!

The guide above gives you a tiny taste of the styles available in our range. We haven’t even told you about all our different designs and their unique features! Browse women’s boots at Spendless Shoes today and find your perfect pair.