The Best Heels For Every Summer time Event!

Must-Have Heels For This Summer 

Are you ready to buy the best summer heels this season with Spendless Shoes? We have a line-up that will suit anyone. With dozens of designs, colours, and styles to choose from, Spendless has an array of summer heels that you are sure to adore!


These will be the perfect summer heels for a special occasion! Whether you are heading out to a restaurant, a party, concert, or just spending the night out with friends, these bring a look that you will love! You can go out confidently thanks to the broad and supportive base. Unlike slimmer or stiletto summer heels, espadrilles can smoothly go across lawns, gravel, and other less-than-friendly terrain types!

As a peak fashion trend for spring and summer in 2018, espadrilles could be your go-to heels for Spring Racing!

Low mules and block-bases

These summer heels are the perfect way to blend corporate wear with casual! With small bases that bring long-lasting comfort, these summer heels are just what you need if you plan on wearing your shoes from dawn until dusk. These come in several different styles, with a mixture of open or enclosed toes. One of our top picks comes with an enclosed and pointed toe, as it should flatter most feet. However, our airier peep-toe looks will be fantastic in the hot weather. These summer heels even bring you the option of a smooth faux suede finish, which can instantly add to any look.

The pragmatic height and design make mules and low block-style summer heels ideal for the office, workplace, or for all-day events.


As a surprise to no one, strappy looks have made it big again this season! It is no wonder that people are coming to appreciate lace-up looks more and more, as you can customise the fit to your best comfort. Either elongate your legs for a slimming effect when you wear them high up your calves, or you can tie them low and tight to accentuate your ankles. The changeable ties make for diverse fitting options, which leaves a world of styling options available to you with these summer heels. We love strappy summer heels with cutoff trousers, long skirts, party dresses, and everything else you can imagine!

At Spendless Shoes we love strappy summer heels worn casually with jeans. Otherwise, these will always look great out at parties!

Our top finishes

Diamantes will be a stylish last-minute touch to your summer heels! At Spendless, we love rhinestones and other embellishments on straps or across the toes. These glimmering add-ons bring an element of glamour that you are sure to appreciate. Plus, with a little bit of sparkle on your feet, you have the perfect excuse to accessorise with some shiny jewellery that will complement your summer heels!

Otherwise, you could always heighten your look with an interesting texture or stylish colour. As it stands, natural and beige summer heels are a top pick, as they blur the lines of where your feet end and your shoes start, which makes your ankles appear slimmer.

For something bolder, we have red or pink to give any outfit a more dramatic flair. These will be an eye-grabbing addition to any look. Match these with lipstick or liner in the same colour for an instant statement.

So, which pair of summer heels is on your list?

At Spendless Shoes, we love to bring our customers the look for less! We have chic summer heels that are ready when you are. Visit us online or in one of our stores today— our friendly team members can answer any of your questions in person or over our LiveChat feature. Find your perfect pair of summer heels with Spendless Shoes!