Take These Heels From Desk To Dinner!

Are you looking for heels that have some flexibility?

Although our comfy styles are known for their flex, we don’t just mean in the material! When you need corporate heels that can double as evening wear, then you need to shop at Spendless Shoes. With our affordable prices and an excellent range of shoes, you can’t deny that we bring our customers a fantastic collection! Better still, we’re even going to walk you through a few of our favourites now. And remember, these dressy heels will look as good out at dinner as they will in the office! 

Pumps are a classic choice for any formal setting

The slim heels on our pumps give you a chic profile, and their simple design makes styling them an absolute breeze. Not only that, but one pair of these can last for years and be worn again and again with different outfits. You should have no trouble styling our sleek heels with both your working clothes and your going-out ensemble, so they’re a natural choice for your next purchase. However, keep in mind that they have a slim and tall platform. If you aren’t comfortable wearing stiletto heels for a day (or for more than a few hours), these may not be the pair for you. 

Our pointy-toed sling-back heels could be your best choice this season

The timeless yet modern feel of these shoes makes them perfect as both corporate and dressy footwear, regardless of the season. At Spendless Shoes, we bring you the option to get our sling-back styles as either a kitten-high or short block heels. If you have a preference one way or the other, then it will be no trouble to choose. However, if you can’t decide between a wide or skinny platform, then you could grab a version of both of these heels! The look of the platform changes the overall aesthetic enough that you won’t feel like you’re getting identical pairs, and you’ll get to enjoy the cute wraparound ankle band look and the different feel of each. 

Our faux suede block heels are another good pick

Some offices are against their employees wearing footwear that leaves their toes uncovered. If your workplace has similar rules in their dress code, then our pointy-toed heels would be a fantastic fit for you! The soft faux suede material feels lovely against your skin and creates a trendy overall look. The wide heels will help you balance better on uneven surfaces, so walking, dancing, and standing are comfortable when these are on your feet. Since they are a higher style, you’ll find that these are formal enough to hold their own in the fanciest restaurants and other venues. So, if you want something that will give your work wardrobe a boost and look gorgeous out to dinner, then our faux suede heels will do beautifully.  

Finally, see how you feel about our mules!

Our mid-high heels are different from the options above because they don’t have any fastenings. Instead of buckles, stretchy straps, self-ties laces, or mules have a simple slip-on fit. The convenience of this design is one reason it’s so popular with our customers. However, we think that the see-through top bands are also a talking point. The size and shape of the heels make them ideal for long days in the office, while the trendy translucent bands make them perfect for party wear. 

You’re spoiled for choice at Spendless Shoes!

We’ve got a little bit of everything when it comes to heels. Any of our formal styles could take you from desk to dinner with ease. Discover the heels of your dreams when you shop online or at your local store soon.