Supportive Shoes Are Important For School Children. Get Them From The Best, At Spendless!

Looking For Stylish And Affordable School Shoes? 

Do you need a fresh set of girls' school shoes for your kids? You've come to the right place! Spendless takes pride in providing an excellent range of classroom styles for students of all ages.

So, why are supportive girls' school shoes so important?

For one thing, they will be worn more frequently than any other kind of footwear during the year. And, where most people might have two or three sorts of sandals, trainers, or boots to switch in and out of, students rarely own more than one pair of girls' school shoes at any given time.


Depending on how old the student is, the best sort of fasteners for their girls' school shoes can differ significantly.

Older students tend to wear lace-up girls' school shoes exclusively unless their dress code allows for a buckled Mary-Jane style. And, while we have plenty of lace-up styles to choose from, they aren't perfect for all ages.

Preschoolers and younger students will still be learning to tie laces. To keep them secure in their girls' school shoes and minimise the risk of tripping and hurting themselves, styles with touch-fastening straps are preferable.

Active styles

If your children love their sports, then you're looking at afternoon practices, games on the weekends, and a lot of wear and tear that your sporty girls' school shoes to endure.
Anyone who's ever played a game on a wet lawn or slippery indoor court knows that grip is a necessity for sneaker and trainers; especially for younger kids who tend to get carried away and slip or trip anyway.

So, to help your kids get the most out of their game and stay active and healthy, we recommend a tough bottom tread. All of our sporty girls' school shoes are outfitted with grooved tread for traction at Spendless, so you have your pick of the bunch!

Do materials matter?

Regardless of the kind of punishment is placed on girls' school shoes, they should ideally last until your kids have grown out of them. You'll be buying girls' school shoes year after year until their feet stop growing, so having to replace a ruined pair is disappointing at best.

When it comes to the quality of girls' school shoes, a good deal of it comes down to its makeup.

Leather styles are noted for having excellent air circulation, flexibility, and all-around comfort. Synthetic material, on the other hand, has better durability and is more resistant against marking or water damage. From an ethical standpoint, there are also those that prefer man-material to animal-made products like leather as well.

We clearly labelled the materials on all of our girls' school shoes, so you can decide for yourself about picking style made from leather, synthetics, or ones containing both types.

Foot care accessories

If you want added support in girls' school shoes, then a pair of innersoles would be a great investment. We have full-sized styles at Spendless (including our gel and comfort foam innersoles) and half-sized inserts. These can be cut down to size if need be, and slide straight into your girls' school shoes.

If you bought a pair for your child to grow into, or need to correct a deep-fitting set of girls' school shoes, then these can also help out.

You kids can enjoy a nice squishy layer that will slowly form to match their foot shape and support their feet. And, when they start getting worn down, slide them out of your girls' school shoes and replace them with a fresh pair!

Find the best fit for your kids

Spendless has a great range of girls' school shoes waiting for you! Have your children fitted professionally in store, or enjoy the convenience of shopping online with Spendless.