Summer Shoes That Will Update Your Summer Wardrobe!

Is your wardrobe in desperate need of an update?

Don’t worry, because Spendless is here to help! Our collection of summer shoes will make sure you’re ready for anything. Whether you need a fun casual style, a pair you can take to work, new formal footwear, or something else, Spendless has got you sorted. Our summer shoes are versatile, trendy, and, best of all, affordable! So, there’s no excuse for keeping your old and worn-out footwear when you could be stepping out with something new on your feet! We’ll guide you towards some sensational summer shoes, right here, right now! 

Slides are simple, trendy, and a natural everyday pair

At Spendless, we’ve got slides for customers of all ages, so there are plenty to go around! These comfortable slip-on summer shoes will stop your feet from getting hot in the warmer months, and they’re effortlessly easy to get on and off of your feet. Some of our favourites this season have retro stripes or buckled straps for added style. The cosiest slide-on summer shoes come with contoured soles to cushion your feet too. When you’re in a rush to get out of the door and need something on your feet fast, our slides are the perfect fit. After all, these summer shoes match well with most outfits and won’t clash with bright colours or patterns on your clothing. 

Do you need some new beach thongs?

It’s the waterproof material that makes these summer shoes such an essential set. When you’re heading off the beach, the poolside, or to cool-off under the sprinklers, you’ll want to have these on your feet. You can’t risk getting your regular summer shoes sandy, wet, or dirty, and you can’t go out barefoot unless you want your feet to be burnt red-raw. Beach thongs are a fast and effective solution. They’re lightweight and don’t take up much space, so you can keep these summer shoes in a beach bag, by the door, or in your car. 

Sandals should be on your shopping list! 

We’ve got all sorts of these for you to try at Spendless. Our reef-walker styles are the first choice for guys, as these hard-wearing summer shoes are tough but comfy. For the girls, Spendless has ones with braided rope detailing and grooved soles. For the kids, our sandal-style summer shoes are colourful, fun, and come with touch-fasting straps. Once again, these styles are versatile and make the perfect pairs to wear out in the sunny weather.  

Sneakers and trainers are another great basic 

No matter what your age or gender is, sneakers and trainers are a wardrobe staple. These are comfy, supportive, and great summer shoes, and they’re a marvellous all-year design. You can pair styles like these with denim shorts, jeans, and other seasonal basics. Not only do they look fantastic, but they feel amazing on your feet too. Spendless offers everything from skate-style summer shoes to proper workout sneakers, but all of them are comfy enough to last from dawn until dusk. We recommend our white and black trainers for your collection in 2019 and 2020. 

Get the summer shoes that you deserve at Spendless!  

A magnificent collection of styles is waiting as we speak. If you’re missing out on any of these essential summer shoes, then make sure you drop in for a visit some time? You can shop for our summer shoes online or in-store. We’d love to help you out in-person and showoff our excellent customer service. Still, buying summer shoes online will be a breeze if you’re too busy to see us! The choice is yours, so do what works best for you. And remember, you always have fun when you spend less!