Summer Shoes Perfect For The Beach!

Starting your shop for the ideal summer shoes? Stop in at Spendless, where we can help you find the perfect pair! We offer an enormous range of styles, and you’re sure to love our low prices. The latest and greatest summer shoes in our collection are a mix of classic and modern designs. We can offer you the most fashionable new styles and the most timeless ones. Casual, active, and formal footwear can be yours when you buy from Spendless. Now, settle in, and we’ll tell you all about our ultimate summer shoes!

Beach thongs are our leading option!

Beach thongs are the quintessential summer shoes, and there’s no way that you can deny that. You can wear them on the shore or in the surf. They’re the perfect summer shoes to wear before or after you get into the pool. And, thongs are a go-to pair on ridiculously hot days too. At Spendless, our beach thongs come in sizes and styles for men, women, and kids. There are heaps of different colours and patterns to choose from too, so our collection will leave everyone spoiled for choice! As such, we’ve ensured that no one will miss out on the best summer shoes!

Our thongs do more than sit and look good! These summer shoes are basics, but they’ve got great features too! Beach styles are never troublesome to get on (or off because of the slide-in fit. Also, you can rinse them off and clean them easily. So, they’re ideal if you’re on-the-go and need them to dry quickly. Sand and seaweed (and anything else that clings to your summer shoes) will slide off quickly once you rinse them. And, since our thongs are waterproof, there’ll be no damage done! Also, the spongy and flexible base makes for a super cosy feel under your feet. Honestly, the only challenging part about our summer shoes is not getting to wear them in winter more often!

Sandals are another hot pick!

This season, we have to recommend some Birkenstock-inspired styles! You can tell these styles apart from the rest when you spot their grooved bases, contoured innersoles, and dual top straps. Spendless offers variations of summer shoes in this design for all ages, so, once again, everyone has the chance to enjoy them. These aren’t waterproof like our beach thongs, so you will need to be more careful near the shoreline. However, the cushy feel and trendy style more than makes up for that! We’d recommend getting these summer shoes in brown or black since they’re the simplest to pair with other colours. However, you could also try a more eye-catching shade, like gold!

Now, what about something more specific?

Are you looking for men’s summer shoes?

Reef-walkers would be a prime pick for any guy! These robust and waterproof styles are a step above thongs because their touch-fastening straps and sturdy material provide more protection and security. If you enjoy camping, fishing, and getting outdoors when the weather is fair, then reef-walkers are unmissable summer shoes!

Want to know about our best women’s styles?

Since the holidays are coming up, consider something more formal! Flatform summer shoes would be an excellent option for your party wardrobe! If you want to look trendy in 2020, then make sure you have a look!

What about summer shoes for the kids?

This season, we think the choice for kids should be some cage-style sandals. Summer shoes with enclosed toes are perfect for playtime and should keep feet safe from spiky grass and foliage. Also, they look cute!

Set aside some time today and browse the Spendless range!

Shop with us, and we’ll treat you to some sensational summer shoes.