Stylish Men’s Sandals To Wear This Summer

The Best Men's Sandals To Wear This Summer 

On the prowl for the best men's sandals, now? Spendless Shoes has the styles to satisfy you! With reef-walkers, thongs, gladiators and more to choose from, we have the perfect fit waiting to come home with you. So, let's get to it!

Reef-walkers for the weekend warriors

These are men's sandals for the adventurers! These are perfect for a day outside. You can wear these down to the beach, backyard, sand-dunes or traipsing around tide pools.

The velcro straps will keep these men's sandals firmly in place while you explore, and the durable tread should keep a grip on slippery surfaces, such as algae-covered rocks. The sturdy base will also safeguard your feet against sneaky razorfish if you are wearing them along the shoreline or in the water. Plus, unlike aqua booties and other marine shoes, you won't have to keep taking them off and up-ending them to get rid of stowaway rocks or seashells.

If you love heading out in the boat when the weather is fair, then these men's sandals would also be a good match for you. There should be no slipping or sliding across wet or ink-covered marinas while you push off, and you have just enough to protect your feet if your clumsy second-mate drops your latest catch on the deck.

Thongs to wear here, there, and everywhere

If you want a pair of classic men's sandals that you can take down to the beach, then our fantastic thongs will do the trick! In waterproof and PVC material, men's sandals and thongs from Spendless Shoes are lightweight and hassle-free.

These are effortless to slide onto your feet, which makes them an instant go-to if you need to head out of the house in a hurry. And, since these men's sandals have excellent breathability, you can worry less about hot and sweaty feet.

You get your pick of thicker or thinner soles, which comes in handy depending on how often or how long you want to wear your men's sandals. Some of them even have thick fabric toe straps for additional comfort and support.

Everyone's favourite Birkenstocks

These are trendy everyday men's sandals that can even make a relaxed, chill-feeling semi-formal look. With the signature dual straps and a broad set, these men's sandals are a hot 2018 trend.

At Spendless Shoes, our men's sandals in this style come with a contoured footbed for additional support and a grooved base for function and style. Just slide them onto your feet and get ready to take on the day!

You can throw these men's sandals on before heading out to see your mates, or you can get yourself ready for a dinner date when you pair them with a button-down shirt and some nice chinos or shorts.

Take on the season with your new Gladiators

Gladiators are another fantastic option for anyone seeking out a new set of men's sandals. The enclosed design will stop you from toeing the line into beach-only wear, so you can feel free to experiment with your style options. We love these fresh-feeling shoes as a style to wear for a beach wedding. Open and airy, gladiators are a breathable style that will be ideal on hot days.

Like some of our sturdy reef-walkers, our gladiator-style men's sandals have a sporty base for grip and traction. You also get additional comfort from the plushy and padded ankle collar.

So, what will it be?

Jump online or head out to your local Spendless store for the best men's sandals this summer! Whether you need a style to wear out on the weekends, down at the beach, or for an everyday casual look, Spendless Shoes has got your covered. Browse our range of men's sandals today for your ideal fit!