Stylish From The Ground Up

Are you looking for the best trends? Spendless Shoes has got the styles for you! We love showcasing the newest shoes as they hit our shelves, which is why we wanted to let you in on a little secret. Here's a hint: high heels. While these have always been crucial to any woman's wardrobe, we thought it was time to draw attention to how high heels have been making a change in the fashion world.
High heels are making a modern, casual statement

One trend we see increasing this spring is high heels featured in casual-fashion. Where they have been kept contained to semi-formal weekend wear, top-fashion looks, or exclusively with skirts and dresses, high heels finally seem to have broken the barrier this year and made it into casual wear (en masse).
You can see the appeal, of course. Introducing high heels into your everyday look invents an element of glamour that can encourage your style to elevate by proxy. Those sparkling new earrings or some new shiny rings can be complemented perfectly by a glittery set of high heels, while you still get to enjoy your favourite casual clothes.

This way, you get style without sacrificing comfort

Wearing a set of structure high heels with some cuffed jeans and a cute t-shirt is wholly in trend, even if it is just for a lazy Saturday out with the girls. While they will always look great with jumpsuits and playsuits, skirts and shorts, or a spring dress, pairing high heels with jeans and other denim seems to be the way to go.

When you choose to follow this particular trend, you can also risk some slacker clothing choices as well. Where you might hesitate to wear your mom jeans to a semi-formal event (given you usually only pair them with some trainers and those would not be appropriate here), they get an entirely new look when finished off with some high heels. You get the relaxed comfort of your favourite casual styles but balance it out with some classy high heels.

Just add a glossy finish

If you want spring styles from Spendless Shoes with some versatility, then you need to take a look at our patent styles, for instance. These high heels come in a classic pump style. They are elegant chameleons that can switch between occasions effortlessly. You could wear these high heels to work, for instance, given their pragmatic height and enclosed toes. Our pumps will also suit a wide range of personal aesthetics and work clothes alike, as they come in mainly black, natural and red. These glossy patents afford instant sophistication to their wearer. Plus, once work is over, you can hit the streets in style.
Want a sneaky style hint?

High heels are far from the only trend to watch out for this season. Espadrilles and platforms are coming in hot too. Consider adding something with thicker bases and some lace-up straps to your collection before the weather turns so that you can stay ahead of the game. Lace-up high heels will instantly elongate your legs when you tie them tight up your calves. And the full platform of your espadrilles? Not only do you get the height, but you will also get some smooth shaping for your ankles and legs!
Build your style from the ground up this spring

Why wait to get the latest styles?

Shop for high heels at Spendless Shoes, here you can always get the look for less. Buy online and browse our brand newly released high heels, and we will send new shoes to your doorstep in no time. Or, head into one of our stores, where a friendly team member can help find high heels that are the perfect fit for you.