Stylish Boots For Men!

Searching For The Perfect Pair Of Boots?

We’ve got the best new boots at Spendless Shoes. Read on to find out more!

Our dress styles

Our men’s boots for formal functions come in two main looks: pull-on or laced. The first has elastic panels on either side to add comfort and flexibility, but its real purpose is to provide you with the ultimate ease of wear. Laced boots add an extra element of style and an adjustable fit; some even incorporate a side zipper for convenience.

Diverse options

The best part about picking a pair of dress boots is the fact that they are oh-so-versatile! Where your regular formal shoes might be contained to work and the occasional dinner date or special event, our boots can give you a lot more freedom. For one thing, they can dress down for a smart-looking casual outfit. Try a pair of our cool ankle boots with a button-down shirt and freshly ironed pants, and you’re in business.

Dress to impress

Ready to go all-out with a suit and reap the rewards? Formal boots from Spendless make fantastic shoes for weddings, especially ones hosted outdoors. The grooved treads on our boots make walking easy on rocky surfaces, wet lawns, and prickly foliage, so you can stop the stress and enjoy yourself. Also, since our ankle boots are cut a little higher than regular shoes, you get extra coverage to keep your feet cosy.

Our top style tips

As we’ve said, there will be no head-scratching around picking an outfit to wear with your new dress boots. The one thing that we can advise you on is the colours that might work best together. Your most classic combination with black boots will be dark suits, while tan or brown styles can branch out to grey or navy attire.

Now, what about something a little different?

Work shoes

You didn’t think that we’d skip over these sensational styles, did you? Our Australian Safety Standard approved designs have been keeping tradies, apprentices, and other hard workers protected for almost thirty years. A lot of thought goes into the feel and function of these boots, but what about the fashion?

If you want a new pair that can walk straight off of the worksite and into the weekend, then you’ve come to the right place. Our glossy pull-on work boots look relaxed and casual any jeans and t-shirt combination, so they’re your ideal pick! Otherwise, a nice lace-up with an ankle cuff in a contrasting colour could be your next best bet.

Did we tell you that these are all super cosy too? Well, they are!

Rain boots

Do you know what’s honestly and utterly stylish? Keeping your feet dry and warm while you walk through puddles. It’s a look lesser men can’t pull off in their sadly water-susceptible shoes. There may be some debate over whether these should be called gumboots or wellies, but everyone can agree that our rainy-day styles are absolute classics.

They’re excellent and tall, so splashing around shouldn’t get your legs wet. Our rain boots have a sleek and shiny finish, and they slip straight on and off when you need them to. You’d be hard-pressed to find another style this no-nonsense.

Not to mention, you can repurpose these in the summertime as beach boots and go crabbing in the shallows.

Find your dream match today!

We have a whole host of boots at Spendless Shoes, so you’re sure to find a style that works best! Browse our styles when and where you like when you shop online— it’s easy! Try before you buy at your local Spendless store, and let our friendly team help you out. We hope to see you soon!