Stylish Block Heels That Won’t Hurt Your Feet!

For Style and Comfort, You Can’t Go Past Our Block Heels 

Are you on the prowl for your next great set of block heels? Spendless Shoes has an excellent array that is waiting for you to take them home. From tall and towering styles to low and practical, our block heels will be your dream come true!

Let's begin by answering some frequently asked questions about block heels, shall we?

Why are block heels so much more comfortable than stilettos?

Well, it's all to do with design!

Generally speaking, it is easier to balance on block heels because you have a full platform and a decent amount of surface on the ground. A broader base means more for you to work with; literally. So, how does this translate over into comfortable wear?

As you can probably guess, the comfort of block heels is all to do with the size of the base. The broad platform helps to spread your body weight more evenly as you walk and stand; this dramatically reduces the stress placed on your ankles and feet, which also lessens the risk of muscle fatigue and foot cramps. Where all that weight is funnelled down to a single tiny point with a stiletto, block heels allow for a more manageable balance.

Stunningly strappy

We probably don't have to tell you how popular strappy styles have been this season. Block heels have not been exempt from this gorgeous trend. If you want a fresh look to wear out on an afternoon and continue off later onto a party, then these should be your focus! At Spendless Shoes, we have strappy block heels with faux suede finishes for that extra touch of trendiness.

Keep it low with mules

Do you need something you can use in your work and casual wardrobe? Mule-style block heels would be the ideal pick for you! With a thick band over the bridge of the foot and a cute little peep-toe gap, our mules are elegant and straightforward. With block colours such as red, natural, and black on offer, you can find heels to complement your current wardrobe and personal aesthetic.

Pointy toes

Pointed toes are a 2018 favourite on block heels! Given their flattering foot shape, we are not surprised. You can get either a low or high version of these, but they are equally beautiful! The square buckles are also beautiful additions and will help you to adjust the shoes to your comfort!

Will you accept a plus one?

We might be pushing it, but espadrilles are technically a kind of block heel. Or rather, they are a heel with a large block wedge. Still, we think it deserves an honourable mention! Espadrilles are a hot trend in 2018 and a great alternative to stilettos and other skinny styles. They make your legs look long and elegant, and they come in a range of colours and strappy designs. If you want something on your feet that has a little more substance, then try these out!

Are you ready to pick up your new pair of block heels?

If your interest is piqued, then feel free to browse the range at Spendless for all the best new block heels! Our website is easy to navigate, and with detailed descriptions and multi-angled images for each product, you can make an informed decision when you are buying! Otherwise, you can always head into your local Spendless store and have a look in person!

So, why wait? Get the best block heels from Spendless Shoes today!