Stylish And Comfortable Sandals For Men? Spendless Makes It A Possibility

You’ll Be Spoiled for Choice with Our Range of Men's Sandals 

Are you ready to get the best look of the season? At Spendless Shoes, our fantastic line-up has just what you need to update your men's sandals and get ready for the summer ahead!

Our trendy men's sandals come in all shapes and sizes. But don't let yourself be intimidated by all of your choices— Spendless Shoes can help you find your ideal match! The first thing to do is to think about where you think you will want to wear our men's sandals. Do you need a pair for the beach, or for chilling around the house? Of course, if you're unsure, we have some quick outlines to get you started!

Out for adventure

Reef-walkers with dynamic tread and touch-fastening straps for a reliable fit that can change for your best comfort. If you're an outdoorsy guy who needs men's sandals that can deal with some rough wear and different terrain, then these are the place to start! Where our regular thongs and flip-flops have thinner and spongier bases for comfortable wear, our reef-walker men's sandals have grooved and contoured innersoles to allow for better support and grip.

The everyday look

Gladiators and Birkenstock-style men's sandals make the perfect all-day casual look. These partially enclosed styles are still very airy, which means that you can wear them on swelteringly hot days without suffocating your feet and making them hot and sweaty. Plus, these men's sandals are incredibly trendy! Resigned for a fresh and modern twist, we love these men's sandals in the summertime. Gladiators are a great go-to style to slide on and spend the day in, whether you are running errands, catching up with friends, or heading somewhere scenic to enjoy the sunshine.

The men's sandals can be an effortlessly cool and laidback formal look when you pair them off with some nice chinos, a button-down shirt, and a smart jacket to throw on top.

Waterproof, ocean proof, summer proof

Our classic thongs and flip-flops are favourites by the poolside down at the beach around the house, or for traipsing about outdoors! With lightweight, waterproof designs, these men's sandals will be a great addition to your summer collection. Plus, they're easy to rinse off under a tap and fast to dry off when you towel them down or leave them out to dry.

On the Big Day

Now that we've covered casual men's sandals, what about the kinds that you can take to formal events?

Beach weddings are one such occasion where you might see groomsmen and other guests in men's sandals. They're just sophisticated enough to work with a smart-casual wardrobe, but not dressy enough to look out of place on the sand. If there are talks of venues by the shoreline, then men's sandals are the way to go! You get your pick of designs, so we recommend trying to match colours with either the wedding theme or your attire.

A quick note about restaurants

If the weather is unforgiving and you are desperate to wear men's sandals out to dinner, then go for a partially-enclosed style. Generally, the more covered the shoe is, the more formal they appear. While some restaurants may be particular about footwear, few would turn away gladiators or a well-covered leather slide. In short, make sure your men's sandals cannot be mistaken for thongs, and you should be fine!

So, why wait?

Spendless Shoes has the look for less and all the best men's sandals waiting for you! Stop into one of our stores, where helpful team members are never far away. Or, for convenience and ease as shopping centres get more crowded, browse our range of men's sandals online!