Stunning Sandals Perfect For The Warmer Weather

The Best Sandals For Summer 

As the weather heats up, it should be no surprise that people want shoes that can accommodate it. At Spendless, our spring and summer sandals are airy, breathable, and perfect for keeping the sweat to a minimum. We have styles to fit the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest! So, are you ready to get an inside look at the best sandals of 2018? Let's get started!

Top picks for the season

Birkenstock-style sandals and gladiators are a must-have for men this year. These partially-enclosed styles are the perfect way to cheat the 'no shoes, no shirt, no service' rules when you want something airy. A relaxed, casual option, these sandals even dress up nicely with semi-formal gear.

Ladies, straps are the look to have! Toe, crossover, and lace-up straps are a favourite on sandals this season. Accentuating ankles and elongating calves, strappy sandals are a flattering fit on all feet. We love metallic finishes and soft faux suede for a little extra glamour.

Kids are spoiled for choice when it comes to sandals! With the best looks from the adult sections adapted down, girls and boys have a range that is just as stylish. For our two cents, some sporty sandals with a bright finish would be fantastic for both!

Slide straight on

Mules and slide sandals from Spendless Shoes are fabulous options for everyone. They are comfortable, hassle-free shoes that you can slip straight onto your feet. You'll love the easy convenience from the moment when you first slide them onto your feet. On a busy day, these sandals are just what you'll need to make a speedy getaway out of the door!

We have sandals in plain block colours for all genders. These are so easy to match with your current wardrobe and look great next to bold or bright patterns, so feel free to drag out a fun Hawaiian print or some retro spots!

Otherwise, for something a little more sleek and glamorous, you could try sandals with a glinting trim. In the women's section, your choice of décor on sandals ranges from the white sparkle of diamantes to metallic geometrics. Girls will find neat rhinestone patterns and pink glitter trim.

Down by the water

No matter what your age is, there's a good chance that the hot spring and summer days will be tempting you down to the beach or poolside. If so, there is nothing better than some of our water-worthy sandals and thongs!

Kids will love the fun patterns and styles we have on offer! Whether they love little crab cartoons across the top, colourful stripes, or some fruit patterns, Spendless has sandals everyone will enjoy. Plus, since are PVC, these are incredibly easy to clean!

Ladies get their pick of colours and styles. One of our favourite new looks this year comes with rhinestone trim across the toe bars. These are excellent on days when you want to flit between the outdoors and indoors without feeling like your shoes are slobby.

Men have a vast assortment of sandals and reef-walker inspired styles. These come with tough treads and flexible designs. If you need something that can take you down to the shops, or go hard during a round of volleyball or cricket down on the sand, then you are sure to love these sandals!

Get ready for sunny days at Spendless!