Start The School Year Right With Our Range Of Kids School Shoes

Looking For Affordable Girls' School Shoes? 

Are you ready to shop for girls' school shoes? At Spendless, we have a great line-up just waiting for you! Here are some key things to keep in mind about girls' school shoes, and a quick look at the great styles that we have on offer!

Affordable prices

Don't add girls' school shoes to the list of unreasonably-priced products your kids have on their booklist. As you prepare your child for the new term, there is already sure to be piles of exercise books, stationery, and all the other items you might expect on a uniform list. That's why it's good to know that Spendless has girls' school shoes at prices you can appreciate. Our range of durable, long-lasting styles brings the best looks around at fair prices!

Three key styles to see you through

Glossy black girls' school shoes with laces are standard for kids of all ages. Girls' school shoes in this style are sleek and classic. Plus, they are also changeable to your best comfort. For slightly younger kids who are still learning to tie their laces, we also have the option of double velcro straps or combination styles with laces and velcro fastenings.

Mary-Jane kinds of girls' school shoes are perfect for the warmer months. These have the airiness and breathability of sandals, but their enclosed toes make sure that they will always be dress-code appropriate and welcome on playgrounds. With awesome laser cut-outs and décor, it's no mystery why these girls' school shoes are favourites!

It's easy to forget about sneaker and trainers while you are busy sorting out all the other requirements on your start-of-semester checklist. However, if your kids have PE classes, play sports, or are part of any other athletics programs, then these are going to be a crucial pair of girls' school shoes!

Luckily, we have a range to accommodate you. At Spendless, you get your pick of all-white or all-black styles, which are perfect is your children have to follow strict guidelines around their girls' school shoes. Otherwise, you can always choose our fun and colourful sneakers or trainers! A pair of bright pink, purple or blue sneakers would make the perfect set of girls' school shoes for energetic and sporty kids!

Things to keep in mind

Remember to pay close attention to the fit your girls' school shoes before purchasing them. Unless you are familiar with the style and need another size up, or have had your child's feet sized recently, then the best thing to do is go and try the girls' school shoes in person. After all, once your child is back from the holidays, these will be their most-worn pair, and your kids are going to grow inconsistently throughout the year.

If your kids start complaining about tight girls' school shoes, then the best way to check the length is correct is with the finger test. There should be around one centimetre between the end of your girls' school shoes and your child's longest toe. You can check by pressing down on the tip, or by asking your child to wiggle their feet.

If you have a different issue with the fit of your girls' school shoes, then keep in mind that there may be a way to solve it that doesn't involve getting a new style. For instance— if your girls' school shoes are too deep, then you could add an innersole of some kind. Not only should this correct the depth, but it will also bring a cushy and supportive base for your child's feet!

So, why wait?

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect pair for your kids. Talk to the experts today when you shop for girls' school shoes in person.

At Spendless Shoes, we love to bring our customers the look for less!