Spring Wedding Shoe Trends For The Fashion Forward Bride

At Spendless, we love bringing the best new styles to our customers. If you are a bride shopping for your perfect wedding shoes, then we have got a line-up straight out of your dreams. So, let's have a look, shall w

Block heels

Our open-toed wedding shoes with block heels are perfect to wear with dresses that are just above floor-length. The broad base is ideal for long hours of wear in complete comfort. These wedding shoes will give you some extra height, which means you should not have to worry about the expenses of getting your hem adjusted again.

Not to mention, if you pick one of our block heels with a gorgeous diamanté band over the toe strap, you will get the perfect sparkling wedding shoes to peek out from under a long dress. Diamantes are a huge trend this season, and that little twinkle at the toes looks like it came right out of a fairytale.

Flats and sandals

Generally, we would suggest flats and sandals as wedding shoes for a ceremony on the beach. These would be ideal for any bride who rarely wears heels and who dreads the idea of stumbling on her way down the aisle. These might be the most pragmatic choice of wedding shoes as well, given that the big day usually starts early and end late. Because they shouldn't be visible underneath, sneaky brides with long dresses can get away with wearing flat wedding shoes too. This spring at Spendless, we love sandals in all-white or with delicate lace-up straps.

Espadrilles and platform wedges

Platforms of all heights and shapes are dominating the spring and summer line-up. Espadrilles or other tall wedges in white or natural will look stunning on brides with short dresses. If you want to be a fashionable bride this season, then wedding shoes with thick bases are the way to go.

Of course, being fashion-forward with your wedding shoes means being smart about accessorising too.

So, what are the best accessories to go with wedding shoes?

Gel inserts and innersoles are the perfect way to improve the fit and feel of your wedding shoes instantly. These are by far the most supportive of our accessories, as the gel affords more of a soothing effect on feet that regular padded or fabric innersoles. The smallest ones fit under the ball of your foot, almost entirely invisible against the inside of your wedding shoes.

Heel grips are another smart accessory to have ready for your wedding shoes. Since they work as a fitting aid, this can also prevent the slipping and sliding that causes your wedding shoes to give you blisters and other skin irritations.

Half innersoles and gel cushions provide more coverage than heel grips but are still subtle enough to slide innocuously into a pair of wedding shoes. Otherwise, you can use the full comfort foam, supreme or gel innersoles. These may be more noticeable if your wedding shoes are sandals or another open and airy style, but they will give your feet full protect and support.

Finally, to aid with your stiletto experience, you might think about pairing some Starlettos or heel stoppers with your wedding shoes. These help keep your heels from sinking into lawns or slipping on uneven surfaces. If the big day is being held at a grassy, decked, or outdoor venue, then these are the ideal accessory for anyone with thin heels.

So, can you imagine your dream pair yet?

At Spendless, we have elegant wedding shoes to fit any bride. Flats, wedges, stilettos, block heels, sandals and more! So, why wait? Browse our range online or in a store and get the look for less!