Spendless Shoes for Safety Shoes

So, you need a hot new pair of safety shoes.

Maybe you start your new job next week, and they have it down as a requirement. Or perhaps you need a replacement pair. Either way, a new set of safety shoes is on the top of your shopping list. These are perfect for employees in the fast food industry, bartending, waitressing, hospice, and other workplaces where you might encounter slippery surfaces or heavy objects that could fall on your toes. When you are looking for safety shoes, Spendless has you covered. We have a range of safety shoes that are certified, have non-slip properties, are durable, and also have the odd steel cap toe here and there.


One of the essential elements of non-slip safety shoes for work is that have been legitimately certified for the workplace. Spendless Shoes, Everflex, and the Sure Step range carry certified safety shoes that are designed uniquely for employees of hospitality and aged care industries.

Non-slip properties

Perhaps the most crucial feature of safety shoes is their non-slip features. Many injuries in the workplace occur after a slip or a fall, which would have easily been avoided or prevented with the right tread. At Spendless Shoes, our safety shoes include an array of features to help protect their wearers, such as a slip-resistant sole and oil resistant outsole. Spendless has all these non-slip properties ticked off and can find you safety shoes that meet all your requirements.

Durability and materials

Another thing to look for is durability. Aesthetically and functionally, our safety shoes have commercial grade non-marking rubber outsoles that are incredibly long-lasting. The leather-look polyurethane upper is easy to clean, as well as resisting cracks or regular wear and tear that comes from extended flexing.  Have a latex allergy? No worries. Unlike other styles, our safety shoes mainly feature rubber, so there is no need to stress.


Whether you work as a casual, part-time, or full-time employee, your safety shoes are bound to be on for long hours or multiple days per week. This long-wear makes comfort a big priority when getting your safety shoes in the first place. Sure Step styles include heel impact cushioning, which aids in shock absorption. These give new layers of support and flexibility for your feet. With a padded innersole for comfort all day, Spendless Shoes provides the best and most comfortable fit available.

Extra accessories

Of course, your safety shoes can always get cosier. At Spendless Shoes we sell a vast range of excellent shoe accessories to aid with comfort and with the fit. If you find that your standard filling is not enough, you can always invest in one of our gel innersoles that will give you extra comfort and durability to ensure that your work safety shoes are still right for you. Our gel innersoles provide a squishy, cushioning support system. How about some foam innersoles for a quick and easy insert? If your safety shoes are on the long side, slip in a pair of these to help add some padding and stop the looseness.  Get the supreme experience from our safety shoes with some supreme innersoles, and cut them down to size as you please.

Already on the job? You can buy our shoes on your lunch break when you purchase our styles online. Browse styles, sizes, and colours of safety shoes at your leisure, and have your next pair delivered to your door in no time at all. At Spendless Shoes, you can always get the look for less. Buy your new pair of safety shoes today.