Spendless Have Got Your Kids Covered For Rainy Days

Rainboots By Spendless Shoes 

Stomping around in puddles is so much more satisfying when you do not have to worry about getting your feet wet. Soggy socks are an excellent way to ruin anyone’s mood, let alone your child’s. At Spendless Shoes, we want children to be able to enjoy themselves, rain or shine. That’s why our rainboots for kids are built to hold their own before, during, and after a downpour.

An easy option

Rainboots for kids are not just useful in the wet weather— they make the best boots out in the garden too. Mud and grass stains can be a pain to wash out, but not with these shoes. At Spendless Shoes, we do the hard work so that you won’t have to. Our rainboots for kids are a  water-resistant material that is incredibly easy to clean, so tromping through the mud is no worry at all. Dirty? Just hose them down or wipe them off, and leave them to dry. In fact, the real trouble with our rainboots for kids will be remembering to take them off before stepping inside or onto the carpet.

Rainboots for kids from Spendless Shoes come in a classic pull-on style. No buckles, straps, or laces to worry about while getting them on. Just slip in and out.

Our rainboots for kids come with a bottom sole built for good grip, so they are resistant to slipping around on wet or slippery surfaces. If rain cannot stop your children from wanting to play out on the lawn, these rainboots for kids should stop them going face-first into the mud.


Our patterned rainboots for kids will be a hit any day. One of best styles for boys comes covered in everyone’s favourite dinosaurs: you can spot a T-Rex, stegosaurus, pterodactyl, and even a long-necked brontosaurus. If plodding through puddles is one of their favourite pastimes, these rainboots for kids will be a lovely addition to your children’s wet-weather wardrobe.

Another of our rainboots for kids comes in blue, with red spider-webs decorating the surface. Your little superheroes will love racing around in these, and we know you will like the price of it too.

Sparkly prints are another feature on Spendless rainboots for kids. One is as glittery and silver as a raindrop. Other rainboots for kids come in bright, vibrant rainbow. Flashy colours and prints are a fantastic feature on rainboots for kids. These additions make the shoes easy to spot out in the rain, especially when heavy cloud cover darkens up the day.

Of course, we do offer plain black rainboots for kids too. We all know black is the classic gumboot colour, and you will find styles to match from our women’s and men’s rainboots as well.


We offer rainboots for kids in a broad range of sizes. Children’s shoes are always more likely to be grown out off than worn down, so purchasing one size up may pay off in the long run. Toddler and junior sizes are catered to at Spendless Shoes and built for the best comfort for little feet. Cosy, comfortable, and ready to keep their feet tiny toes and dry.

At Spendless Shoes, we offer a wide range of shoe styles for our youngest customers. Rainboots for kids is just one of the many great finds from the children’s category. Visit us online or in store for your next perfect pair. Our rainboots for kids are easy to clean, comfortable to wear, and effortless to take on and off. They even come in patterned styles and vivid colours. Don’t let the rain slow your children down. Get the look for less at Spendless Shoes.