Simple, Yet Classy Wedding shoes For The Mother Of The Bride

Are you the mother of the bride, and on the hunt for formal shoes? You have come to the right place. At Spendless, we know the kind of stress weddings put on everyone who attends, not just the bride and groom. More often than not, making sure that the couple to be married have the perfect day they have always dreamed about means everyone around them is jumping through hoops to keep things running smoothly. As the mother of the bride, you will have many responsibilities on the big day that require the right formal shoes.

Formal shoes for the unexpected

No matter how well you help plan and plot every aspect of the ceremony or the venues, there is always bound to be something that is not quite right. You need formal shoes that can handle it. Maybe the catering is late, or moving an enormous cake requires two more hands than you predicted, or the venue mixes up the music. Either way, being the mother of the bride often means racing around doing all the last minute preparations and finishing touches. You might need to make sure the wedding goes as it should, but that does not mean that you need to run yourself ragged. That is where some excellent formal shoes will come in handy.

Finding glamourous formal shoes without sacrificing comfort

Considering how many photos you will likely get dragged into, you will want the perfect pair of formal shoes to finish off your outfit.
Flats are the first option. At Spendless, our flat formal shoes are as sleek and stunning as any heels. These are perfect for beach weddings or garden venues, providing feet breathability and hours of extended wear with ease. They come in all of our most popular colours of formal shoes and feature glittery, beaded, or metallic and medallion decorations.

Wedges are an excellent little trick for weddings. You get the height and shaping for your legs and ankles, but the broad base relieves the stress that other heeled formal shoes could place on your feet. One of our favourite options in this section would have to be the all-white styles or some trendy espadrilles.

When it comes to heeled formal shoes, Spendless offers two main types; block or stiletto heels. Stilettos are strappy, sophisticated, and gorgeous. However, they tend to be on the taller side, and not everyone is suited to wearing them for long periods of time; this is where block heels have the advantage. Like wedges, block heels are formal shoes with broad platforms and help distribute weight more evenly than a thin heel. You get all the perks of a stiletto heel, but with lasting comfort.

Spare formal shoes

This little trick is an old one, but a good one. Packing an extra set of formal shoes to change into can save you some aches and pains as the day drags on. Having something flat and comfy to dance in with make everything worth it. So make sure you tuck some extra formal shoes into your bag, and you can switch your heels or wedges out for a more practical and comfortable height.

Of course, as the mother of the bride, you may find that spare pair useful for other reasons. While you will be well prepared, other members of the bridal party may not be. Offering a sad and suffering guest your extra flat formal shoes will earn awe and appreciation in droves.

Why wait?

We have the best styles for the mother of the bride, so buy your formal shoes from Spendless! See us in person at one of our many stores across Australia, or enjoy our convenient online shopping service, where you can always get the look for less.