Should You Purchase Boots With Or Without Heels?

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Are you finding it tricky to decide between flat and heeled boots? Each style has its benefits and weaknesses, so it’s all down to personal preferences. Here’s what you should know:

Flat boots are a go-to item for everyday wear

If you aren’t fussed about getting a few extra centimetres, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose flats for your day-to-day wear. Not only do you have an assortment of marvellous styles to make your selection from, but you also ensure long-lasting comfort. Since your feet aren’t getting forced onto an incline, there’s no risk of pressure that could induce muscle strain. In flat boots, you’ll be free to stand, walk, dance, and everything else for as long as you like.

You don’t need a heel to go high

A lack of heel on your boots won’t stop you from getting a height boost if you want it either! At Spendless Shoes, we have fantastic combat and biker styles with thick soles. While you don’t get the same slimming effect for your legs that you would with a heeled design, these boots will still give you a bit of elevation. If you’re all-in for the grunge look, then these will also give your ensemble that extra edge and attitude. Plus, comfort is still guaranteed!

Why should you choose boots with a heel?

For one thing, this style will make your legs look amazing. Like any set of stilettos, our heeled boots create definition in your calf muscles and make them appear skinnier. It doesn’t matter if you’re in long or short boots— your legs will look fantastic either way. However, ladies who struggle to wear calf-high or thigh-high shoes will appreciate the additional fitting help.

Heels don’t have to hurt!

Since all of our boots of this sort have block heels, you won’t be sacrificing ease of wear to get their slimming effect. The broad platform provides ample steadiness and support. Whether you’re wearing your boots for an hour or an entire day, the thick base will keep you from feeling any strain or pain.

If you pick heels, you can also upgrade the formality of your attire

One disadvantage of flat boots is the fact that they are seen as a casual option. Styles with a standout finish or colour might be able to break away from this stigma when you couple them with the right clothing, but heels are the obvious option. Wearing heeled boots with all of your favourite formal attire during winter and autumn will be effortless.

So, which style should you choose?

If you’re looking for a trendy and cool set of boots to wear on the weekends, then flats are a natural choice. However, if you want something more formal and dressy to take out, then heeled boots would do.

Do you want to know our top picks for each?

This season, we’re recommending biker boots for ladies who want flats. They’re ideal for outdoor events and at parties because they have excellent grip. Since their cut is slightly higher than standard ankle-high shoes, you get even more coverage and protection from the cold. Our top fashion tip for these bold boots is to pair them with a leather or denim jacket.

As far as heeled boots go in 2019, we think ones with animal prints are the best choice. Leopard spots are a favourite this season, but scaly snakeskin could be a beautiful addition to your collection too. Try yours with a teddy coat or matching print for a winning combination!

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