School Shoes That Will See Your Son Ready to Take on the School Year

Your child will be ready to take on 2020 with our boys’ school shoes! At Spendless, we’ve done our homework and created the ultimate designs for students. Along with our traditional uniform-worthy designs, we also feature sports styles and sandals as well. As such, you’re always spoiled for choice when you buy boys’ school shoes at Spendless. If you’re unfamiliar with our brand or want to brush up on some handy information, then we invite you to keep reading! 


Our boys’ school shoes are sure to fit your little student


We’ve got an enormous range of school shoes for men, women, girls and boys. Our entire selection encompasses an age span from teeny-tiny toddlers to fully-grown adults, which means keeping up with growing kids is no problem at all. So, when your child is growing out of boys’ school shoes faster than you can believe, Spendless will always be ready with a replacement in their favourite style. 


Styles are available all year long


Some retailers prefer to stock up on boys’ school shoes during peak times, like during January, in the holidays, or when their back-to-class sales are in full swing. However, Spendless has boys’ school shoes in stock and on hand every month of the year. Our customers are never caught short or left wanting because we provide traditional and sporty styles during every season. If you find yourself suddenly needing a new pair for your little student, then you can trust us to have the boys’ school shoes that you need. 


Classic designs are prevalent at Spendless 


If you’re looking for a classroom pair that will look smart under your child’s uniform, then our traditional boys’ school shoes are an easy pick. The glossy black finish, rounded toes, and smooth material are what you’d expect. If you have younger kids, then grab boys’ school shoes with touch-fastening straps, which will be easier for them to adjust independently. Lace-up designs are the product of choice for older students. 


Teenagers and young adults will benefit from our slip-resistant styles


Who says you can’t get boys’ school shoes and a work pair all in one? Our slip-resistant styles have the look of classic classroom footwear and the unique features of a durable work pair. These boys’ school shoes can go straight from the classroom to your next work shift. The cushioning innersoles and built-in support will keep students comfy all day. The material of these boys’ school shoes is resistant to substances like water and oil, so they’re ideal for retail, café, and fast-food workers. That’s what we call a double-whammy! 


Does your child love sports? 


Sneakers and trainers are a staple since most kids have to take PE classes. However, if your child is involved in extra-curricular activities too, then their boys’ school shoes need to be up-to-scratch. There will be training after-hours each week, games on the weekend, and practice at home as well. That’s a lot of time for them to be spending in their boys’ school shoes, so you ensure that they get the best available. The collection at Spendless is designed with high-impact activities in mind, so supportive features are present from the start. Our trainers and sneaker are fitted with grooved grip, which should stop kids from slipping on wet grass or sliding across slippery indoor courts. Help your student strive for personal excellence in their chosen sport with our boys’ school shoes! 


Are you ready to outfit your child yet? 


Look at our full collection of styles, and we know you won’t be disappointed. The best boys’ school shoes are waiting for you at Spendless.