School Shoes Are Too Cool For School

School Shoes That Children Will Love Wearing Every Day 

Some children don't mind what their kids' school shoes look like, but for others, it's the first of many mean-seeming adult rules that don't make sense yet. And, while most children can understand why uniform rules exist, they still seem unfair. If you're concerned about how well your new student will receive kids' school shoes, then we have some ways to help everything turn out for the best

Get Them Used to Their Kids' School Shoes Before the First Day

The First Day is a big deal for most children, and it can be scary. There are so many new things coming their way that they have no experience with, even before you start adding uniforms and kids' school shoes into the mix.

One Great Way To Warm Your Children Up to New Kids' School Shoes Is to Wear Them Outside o the Classroom First.

You play at home, out at a park, or somewhere else that they go to have fun. Let them get their first taste of kids' school shoes on the playground or out in the yard, where they'll see that the colour of their footwear doesn't make a difference to how much fun they can have!

Make Sneakers and Trainers Feel Fun

If your child has a strict uniform policy that bans any colourful material, then Spendless has some rule-appeasing black and white ones available. These kids' school shoes are every bit as comfortable and sports-ready as our other trainers, but they can seem like a dull option in comparison to the vibrant styles that children still get to wear on the weekends. Have your children wear these active kids' school shoes with their normal clothes. Show them that they're just as comfy and great for climbing, running, jumping, and everything else, and they're less likely to kick up a fuss.

Otherwise, you can bring the fun with our lively sneaker range! If your children don't like their black kids' school shoes, then let them express themselves with our eye-catching trainers. Our Licensed sneakers will entice them. These sporty kids' school shoes have all their favourite characters featured on the sides, like Spider-Man, Pinkie-Pie, and members of Paw Patrol! You'll have to be lucky to get your children to take these kids' school shoes off again!

On Another Note

Having your children play in the kids' school shoes is also a useful way to check the fit and feel the footwear before the term begins, and while there's still time to switch them. If your child has any complaints about how tight their kids' school shoes are, or you can see that the back of their heels slips, then you should consider exchanging your pair for better fitting ones. If that isn't an option for you, then you could try and correct the fit with some of our handy innersoles. These gel and fabric inserts can be placed inside kids' school shoes to give extra support to sensitive feet and pad out a too-big design.

Sandals Are an Excellent Place to Start for Young Students Too

At Spendless, these are simple and cute designs. Also, they wouldn't have to be a classroom-only pair. Our Mary-Jane flats are traditional and complementary in style, so these kids' school shoes will be a pretty pairing with colourful socks, skirts, or dresses on the weekends. The same goes for boys' sandals, especially in the summertime. These cage-style kids' school shoes could double as a pair to wear at the beach too.

Make Kids' School Shoes Exciting in 2019!

Have a look at our collection today, either in-store or online. We'll help you spend less on your child's kids' school shoes today!