School Shoes Any School Will Approve Of!

Has your search for the ultimate kids’ school shoes begun already?


Spendless is here to lend a hand and help in any way we can. Our expansive collection of styles will deliver what you need. We can offer you some great care products to make your kids’ school shoes feel, look, and fit better than ever. Plus, we’ve got plenty of advice and information to help you get the best prices, deals, and outcome once it’s time to buy your kids’ school shoes.


Do your kids’ school shoes need to follow a code? 


Officially, dress codes are to keep students looking professional and teach them how to dress for work in later life. In practice, uniform regulations can be a pain for young children and cause issues for parents. Luckily, Spendless can help you find kids’ school shoes that can navigate through these treacherous waters.


Firstly, covered toes are a must for your child, or they won’t be allowed out on the playground for safety reasons. Secondly, shining your kids’ school shoes is a simple and effective way to keep them looking tidy. Thirdly, double-checking the styles your child is allowed to wear in the first place is always a great place to start.


If you buy sandals for your little student, the one thing to look out for is the toes on them


Kids’ school shoes, by requirement, need to keep toes covered at all times. This rule is mainly for safety on the playground, and it’s an enduringly popular rule. So, if you’d like to make sure that your children are allowed to play outside during their break (and don’t get sent home with a warning), choose sandals that cover their toes completely. Our collection of kids’ school shoes has several different versions available for girls and boys, so this is no challenge when you shop at Spendless! 


Our care products will keep kids’ school shoes in peak condition


Give the material of your child’s footwear a quick scrub with our Instant Shine Sponge, and the grime will fall away in moments. Back it up with a coat of polish, and your kids’ school shoes will look freshly-bought and ready to hit the books. Keep the material glossy, and your student won’t have to deal with grumpy teachers!


Do you know what sort of kids’ school shoes your child should be wearing?


Our traditional round-toed styles are perfect picks for any student, and you can choose from plenty of our variations. Likewise, our sneakers and trainers come in colourful or all-black and all-white designs. So, depending on the rules your child has to follow, their ideal type of kids’ school shoes will be different. As such, we’ve collaborated with half a dozen institutes across Australia, to bring you our “school-approved” category of kids’ shoes. Search through this range online, and if you spot your child’s school, you can follow the link to our officially-sanctioned kids’ shoes. It’s as straightforward as that!


While you’re at it, make sure you grab some foot care products too!


If you want to be sure that your kids’ school shoes survive the next semester, then we suggest you get additional care products. Innersoles and inserts are an excellent way to keep children comfier during long days. A spare set of laces will save you the trouble of buying a new pair of kids’ school shoes and stop your children from tripping in the meantime. You can find all these and more at Spendless this season!


You’ll find the best kids’ school shoes at Spendless! 


We’d like to see any teacher find fault with our classic, comfy, and professional-looking kids’ school shoes!