Perfect The Smart Casual Look With These Stylish Men’s Shoes

What Do Men Look For In The Perfect Shoe?

Casual men’s shoes have never looked this good! Ready to lift your game this year with some great new styles? Spendless has a wide array of casual men’s shoes on offer, and buying them is easy and affordable. Let’s get started!

The sporty look

If there’s one kind of casual men’s shoes that we can all get behind, it’s trainers! If you love wearing sports gear out on the weekends, or want to bring an energetic feel to your everyday look, then active casual men’s shoes like sneakers and trainers are perfect.

Not only are they chill and comfy, but they look great too! At Spendless, our favourite sneakers and trainers for casual men’s shoes come in mainly black and white, but we have some cool retro styles that you’re sure to love as well. And the best part is, you’ll be ready for the gym whenever!

Boat styles

Who could say no to these trendy casual men’s shoes? With fun exposed laces, stitched detailing, and panelled sides, it’s no wonder that our boat-style casual men’s shoes have made such a name for themselves this summer! The colour range is modern, brings options that anyone could love, and can work well in any wardrobe. With these smooth styles, you get the feel of a sporty style but with much more freedom to dress them up or down as you want.


No spiel on casual men’s shoes could be complete without some sandals! In the warmer months, fully-enclosed styles can be too stifling and make your feet sweaty. As such, sandals are the perfect solution!

The airy, simplistic design of these casual men’s shoes mean they’re always welcome by the poolside, at the beach, or when you're catching up with friends. You have your pick of tougher-soled reef-walkers or casual men’s shoes with contoured soles for maximum comfort.

How about boots?

One style you’ll want to start thinking about early this year is ankle boots. While we tend to think about autumn and winter as prime ankle boot seasons, these are casual men’s shoes that can get worn at any time during the year.

These are an excellent way to make your everyday clothes feel dressier, while still bringing relaxed and laid-back vibes. Our favourites come with side zippers, smoother leather-look material, and laced uppers. With a smart pair of shorts and a button-down shirt, these casual men’s shoes will be a style statement!

If you love outdoor events during the summertime, then our ankle boots will start your year off on the right foot. Guys with wine tours, backyard weddings, or music festivals on the way should be looking at a pair of these casual men’s shoes.

Pull-on footwear

If you’ve been dreaming of casual men’s shoes that will never cause a fuss, then our pull-on styles are here to fulfil all your wishes. With their contrasting colours, side panelling, and instant slide-on fit, these casual men’s shoes are ideal for guys who are always on the go. If you love tinkering out in the shed or garden, then casual men’s shoes in this style will work a treat.

Of course, if you need something you can get on in a hurry or a comfy pair that will last during a busy day, then pull-on casual men’s shoes will be your perfect purchase from Spendless.

Ready to find your ultimate match?

With stores across Australia and convenient online shopping for remote customers, there’s no reason to hesitate. We even have an extra site for our New Zealand customers!

If you’re ready to find casual men’s shoes for the summer, then it’s time to shop at Spendless.