Perfect shoes for little feet

So you are looking for a pair of kids shoes for your little one.

Buying kids shoes present a series of challenges. You need to find a lightweight style that is easy for them to take off and put on again. You have to look for kids shoes in their favourite colour, or in a cute style to replace the ones they just outgrew. Stop the worrying. Spendless Shoes has it all covered and can help you find the perfect kids shoes!

The styles

We have cultivated a wide range of styles for our smallest customers. You can find kids shoes ranging from sandals, sneakers, boots, slippers and rainboots. Dressy or casual. At Spendless Shoes, we provide kids shoes in colourful prints and patterns. Some of our kids' shoes even light-up as you walk! Not only are these great for spotting your kids while you are out and about— they will think it is fantastic.

Kids shoes for the boys

Our boys' shoes usually come with a mixture of velcro strap and laces. Velcro straps are a great feature on kids shoes, as they make it hard to kick them off (accidentally or not) and lose. They are also an excellent failsafe for keeping shoes secure while kids are learning to tie their laces as well.

Skate shoes are a much-loved style, as they are just as trendy as their adult counterparts. Sandals are fun kids' shoes for their early years at school, as they come with sporty little tread and allow the foot some room to breathe. We are sure that you will find something that your boy will love. These kids' shoes come in a range of colours such as black, grey, white, tan and brown, red, blue, navy and wheat!

Kids shoes for the girls

In the girl's section, we have a range of kids' shoes which include sandals, dress, sneakers, casuals, boots, slippers and rainboots. There is such a colour range in our girl's section that we are sure you will find a pair that your little girl will love. Our colours are multi, black, silver, white, natural, gold, metallic, tan, pink, purple and blue! As said, our kids' shoes come in a range of straps with buckles, zips and slip on and these are great for your little girl as she learns to use her fasteners, try out some zips or merely slip her shoes on!

For the warmer months, we have all sorts of sandals that are perfect for trips to the beach or off on an adventure. For the colder months, we have a line of beautiful boots. These boots can have all kinds of sweet details like bows, butterflies, or studs and metallic features.

For the first walkers

Our first walkers' section has speciality kids shoes designed for our smallest customers. You will find a variety of colours and styles in our first walkers' section, including some kids shoes with friendly animals on them! Our first walkers are all velcro because they keep little feet secure and safe while wearing in use, but taking them off can still be accomplished with ease. First walkers are even more lightweight and soft than older kids' shoes, as they need more cushioning and flexibility while feet are developing.

At Spendless Shoes, we are proud to offer a wide range and variety of kids' shoes. With cool light-up features and bright prints that they will love, and affordable prices you are sure to love, there is no competition. Shop with Spendless Shoes today to find the perfect pair of kids' shoes for your little one.