Our Women’s Walking Shoes Will Keep You Comfortable on the Move

Women's Walking Shoes 

Who wouldn't want footwear that can help them stay active? At Spendless, our women's walking shoes make up a category of their own. These are fantastic for any ladies who need styles that help them get longer and further than ever before. Pick from our broad range, enjoy the unique features, and find the best fit in these standout women's walking shoes.

Style them as you please

Women's walking shoes from Spendless come in similar styles, but in so many colours you could make a personal collection. Who says exercise gear is not fashionable? You can get styles in black, white, blue, red, and more when you shop with Spendless. If you want to mix and match a favourite tank top or yoga pants, you will love being able to pick out women's walking shoes from such a vast range of choices.

Features for support, durability, and steadfast wear

Women's walking shoes are excellent for long hours of walking, and as such, there are notable additions to help improve the experience. Distinctive grooves in the bottom sole which allow for better traction and surety while you walk. If you want to take a stroll off of the beaten track, you can do it more safety in women's walking shoes.

Our women's walking shoes often come with padding throughout the design for comfort, and some even have thicker soles to aid in arch support. You might see women's walking shoes in our range that include a lightweight mesh that allows more breathability, as opposed to keeping sweaty feet stifling inside.

Durability is another thing, so when you buy women's walking shoes from Spendless, you know you are purchasing a pair that can go the distance.

Slip-on effortlessly

Our women's walking shoes are simple to slide on and off. If you like a pair that can be quickly changed over without needing to fiddle with zips, laces, or buckles, then our slide-on styles are certainly going to appeal to you. Get up and go with women's walking shoes from Spendless. Whether you are headed down to the shops, out for a wander, or off from dawn until dusk, you can get where you are going comfortably with women's walking shoes.

Blurring the line between sneakers and comfort flats

If you want something a little sportier from your women's walking shoes, we are happy to oblige. Many of the styles Spendless has chosen for this category also make an appearance in our sneaker and trainer sections. If you want to wear them to the gym or casually with other active gear, no one will look twice.

Tips for getting the best fit

If you head into one of our stores, the Spendless team would be happy to figure out your best fit in person. Try on styles later in the day, or after a few hours of being up and about, as you will want to know whether your feet fit when they are at their largest. If you plan on wearing socks with our slip-on women's walking shoes, be sure to wear or bring some along too.

As it happens, most of our women's walking shoes have a level of adaptability when it comes to your foot shape, given their flexible material. However, you will still want to make sure you have the best size available.
If you are buying women's walking shoes online, you can always check our sizing guide next to the product description or at the bottom of the website page. These have comparisons for AU, EU, UK, US, sizes against the Spendless ones.

Find your perfect pair at Spendless. Get women's walking shoes for less.