Our Mens Sandals - Perfect For The Great Outdoors

Our Mens Sandals - Perfect For The Great Outdoors

At Spendless Shoes, we have shoes for the most intrepid explorers and outdoorsmen. If you are venturingmens into the great outdoors for the trip of a lifetime, or just for a quick excursion, men's sandals are the perfect place to start for footwear.

The kinds we offer

Our men's sandals come in a variation of colours and styles. Most stick to browns, greys, and blacks, which tend to appear cleaner when they are not. Most men's sandals have velcro straps, which are easy to adjust for your best fit and keep secure. For obvious reasons, velcro also tends to endure the kind of harsh treatment that could quickly ruin laces. It is also easier to rid men's sandals of dirt and plant bits too.

The straps on most of our men's sandals sit on the top of the foot across the toes and around the ankle. The majority of our styles must be unstrapped to get on and off, but we do offer slide-on men's sandals as well.

Where to wear

Spendless Shoes men's sandals can be perfect for trips with a semi-aquatic aspect. The sole protects your feet from sharp rocks, shells, or plants while the arrangement of the straps makes it easy to rid the shoes of water without having to take them off. Two things can ruin any trip involving water, and they usually occur with boots. First, water trapped and squelching around in your shoes, keeping your feet cold and soggy. Second, is when you constantly have to stop, take off your shoes, and pour the water out. With men's sandals, these annoying and uncomfortable issues vanish. Water can easily escape, your feet can dry off, and there's no need to remove them until you're ready. Boats, sailing, or anything involving a kayak will be a breeze for these men's sandals.

Backpackers will love men's sandals. They're a great shoe style to have when you don't know the kind of terrain you could be tackling at any given moment during your trip. Rocky ground and dust may dirty your feet up a bit, but wearing boots could have the same downsides here that they do with water— it is far easier to kick small rocks out of men's sandals than it is to fish them out of boots.

Hikers will typically go for the boot option, but in hot and humid conditions, men's sandals may be the better fit. With time-tested tread for grip, men's sandals from Spendless Shoes can survive uneven terrain and extended wear. Men's sandals also provide breathability for feet, and the keeping feet dry when possible lessens chances of skin conditions, rashes, and infections from occurring. Of course, if we can't sway you to men's sandals, Spendless Shoes does have several custom hiking boots.
A casual climber, whether indoor or on a cliff-face, may enjoy these men's sandals as well. Nothing beats specialist climbing shoes, but a casual climber will appreciate the grip and comfort. Start your next great adventure on the right foot, and find what you need at Spendless Shoes.


On the casual end of the spectrum, you could always pick one of our trendy Birkenstocks. These are the height of comfort, with a moulded footbed and signature buckled straps to complete the look.

Spendless Shoes has men's sandals built for semi-aquatic terrain and hours of wear. Hikers, climbers, sailors, kayak enthusiasts, backpackers, and anyone who finds themselves doing outdoor activities will find a reason to love men's sandals. Why wait? Head in-store or online to browse our versatile range. Head to our website for more information, where you can consult a team member in real time on Livechat.