Our Bridal Shoe Styles and Colours

Women's Bridal Shoes 

Women's bridal shoes. They are some of the loveliest styles we have at Spendless; designed for comfort, class, and hours of extended wear. But what are the best kind for you? How do you pick the ultimate women's bridal shoes from Spendless? Hopefully, we can answer that question now.

More colours and finishes than you can choose

In fact, rose gold and other metallic finishes are becoming increasingly popular as a colour for women's bridal shoes too, as more people decide to forgo the traditional white or silver and look for interesting modern trends.

Not to say that white has lost any of its' standing as women's bridal shoes, of course. White remains a big favourite for both flat and heeled women's bridal shoes, with many stunning and sophisticated styles coming in all-white. You can get the best of both worlds from sandals, as many white women's bridal shoes also come with metallic décor on the straps, with lines of glitter and beading.

Black and natural are also top picks, as they are complementary to many different clothing patterns and wedding outfits. Women's bridal shoes in black are a solid basis to any ensemble, and easy to pair off with a cute clutch. The same goes for women's bridal shoes in natural, with the added elegance of an elongating effect on your ankles and legs.

The variation in height

The lineup of women's bridal shoes encompasses all of our signature styles. At Spendless, understand how important it is to find women's bridal shoes that look great for a wedding and can get worn for long periods of time. We have wedges, stilettos, block heels and flats, and even within sections, there is thickness or height variation.

Some ceremonies can last from morning to morning when you factor in the preparations, ceremony, reception, transit, and the partying afterwards. Weddings are hard work, which is why you need to make sure your women's bridal shoes are up to the challenge.

First, pick a style you trust. If heels are your thing, then go for it. If you have reservations about stilettos, then choose a block heel instead. Wedges can give you the height and the stability in one. And flats? Well, you can always trust flats for women's bridal shoes.

Styles you can reuse

No one wants a pair of women's bridal shoes that they can only wear once. But where gentlemen have a plethora of formal footwear they can reuse at other events, women's bridal shoes tend to be a little more complicated.

A guy can wear a pair of glossy black lace-ups (the kind the look sleek and sharp with suits) over and over at various other special occasions. Parties, funerals, work functions, offices, and restaurants are just some of the places he might get some use out of these particular wedding styles. And, if his favourite look is in stock and he gets bored of black, he can always get the same look in a brown or tan.

On the other hand, there is a bit of a stigma against wearing women's bridal shoes a second or third time. No matter how different they might look with a new outfit, there is something about repurposing women's bridal shoes that ladies don't like.

But thankfully, the tide seems to be turning. The everyday line-up for next season includes styles with diamanté and rhinestone decorations. With more glittery slides and block heels getting introduced into our casual wear, you can easily repurpose women's bridal shoes as a glamorous everyday look.

What would your perfect pair be?

At Spendless, you can shop for the ultimate women's bridal shoes in our stores or online. Get the look for less today.