Our Boys School Shoes Are as Tough As Your Kids

Our Boys School Shoes Are as Tough As Your Kids

It's bad enough that they will be growing out of every pair of boys' school shoes you buy for the next decade or so, but what do you do when they end up wearing them out before then?

Sometimes we forget how hard kids can be on their footwear. First, they happen to be attached to their feet, which means they are instantly put to work since most kids have a bottomless supply of energy. Boy's school shoes have to endure racing and running around during recess and lunch for the entire year.

Adults can own and wear as many pairs they like, but despite the fact that kids will spend the most time in these, they will probably only have one pair of boys' school shoes at any given time. That means the comfort of boys' school shoes should only come second to their endurance.

Spendless offers several styles of boys' school shoes, so we've compiled an easy little guide down below.

Classic boys' school shoes:

Classic boys' school shoes have round toe, a shiny black finish, and simple laces. For our youngest customers (with the littlest feet) we provide boys' school shoes with velcro straps. These are ideal for kids who cannot tie laces by themselves yet, and keep feet safe, secure, and comfortable.

These boys' school shoes can tough out whatever your kids can throw at them. The tread and sole were custom made for durability and endurance, as well as grip for extra safety. Give your kids styles that can keep up with their busy feet.


Amongst younger kids, sandals make great boys' school shoes. We carry several boys' school shoes in this style, as they are lightweight and provide feet room to breathe. Once again, these come with velcro straps to keep your child secure while they learn and play. They are an excellent option.

However, the dress code is one thing to have on the mind before buying sandals. Our sandals in this style have closed off toes, but your child may be required to wear ones that provide full coverage.

Tips and tricks:

Finding the right size has an easy test. Have your child stand up wearing the boys' school shoes, and check that you have half a thumb width between the end of the tip and their longest toe. Check that there is no slipping or sliding at the heel, but should still be room, because boys' school shoes that cause rubbing or constrict tightly will cause blisters.

Boys' school shoes should be flexible but maintain their integrity. If you can bend them back slightly at the ball of the foot, this is ideal. However, you can twist them (or even fold them in half) they will wear down very quickly.

One final tip is to buy younger kids a style with removable innersoles, just in case you ever need to replace it with a custom orthotic. Your child may not have had issues to date, but it could save you buying a new pair of boys' school shoes down the line if problems do arise. Even without prescribed orthotics, gel innersoles can be a great addition to boys' school shoes, which is why Spendless sells these too.

Buying boys' school shoes should not have to be a costly or difficult exercise. At Spendless, we promise to find your kids their perfect pair. Whether it is a classic black round-toe or a sporty sandal, laces or velcro, you'll always get the look for less.