Nothing Better Than Being Warm In Winter, Our Range Of Ladies Slippers Have You Covered

We Love Ladies SlippersĀ 

No one likes being cold. Whether you deal with it graciously or bundle up in your best winter wear, we all want to keep ourselves warm and cosy as the weather turns foul. At Spendless Shoes, we have ladies slippers you are sure to love. With a vast range of styles to choose from, and the best comfort on offer, why wouldn't you grab a pair of ladies slippers?

Why do we love ladies slippers?

Well, they are the ultimate way to treat yourself. Tall or ankle-high ladies slippers are great for colder weather, and perfect for keeping your toes toasty. Slip-on styles are ideal for a quick switch on and off, and for traipsing around the house in the warmer months too. We might not all be able to bundle up in fluffy blankets in front of a roaring fireplace with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, but a pair of ladies slippers can make you feel like you are halfway there.

All the styles you could ever need

Our ladies slippers come in a wide range of styles. We have classic slide-on styles, knee and ankle-high ugg-boots, and slip-on shoes. Black, brown, pink, grey, blue, fluffy, stripy, floral, or spotted shoes could be yours when you shop for ladies slippers at Spendless Shoes. There is something for everyone. Whether you want comfortable ladies slippers to slide on and off or some full-on ugg-boots, you are sure to find something that you love.

Luxuriously soft

Some of our favourite ladies slippers from the Spendless Shoes range come in soft faux fur and fabric finishes. A little bit of faux fur goes a long way in keeping your feet warm. It could come in the form of trim up the sides or around the top edge, in the interior where the feet can enjoy it, on the outer surface, or a variation of any of these.

The perfect way to treat yourself

Ladies slippers are also the ideal shoes to let your sore feet rest and recover. After a long day on your feet at work or after a night out in heels, ladies slippers are just what you need to let your feet relax. Do you have achy ankles? Try out some ugg boots. Do you have blisters on your toes or the back of your heels? The soft interior of our ladies slippers should stop them getting aggravated further.

Where you can wear them

Ladies slippers may have a shorter scope of location options than most other women's shoes, but you can get creative about where to wear them anyhow. Wearing them around the house is an obvious one, as well as in bed or on the couch. Some people love keeping a pair of ladies slippers in their car to throw on while they drive home from work. If you are expecting sore feet and need something cosy to change into, ladies slippers are the perfect go-to.

Just be sure that you check out the soles of your shoes before you make an attempt into the garden or out of the house. Ugg-boots from Spendless Shoes and styles with thicker bases can handle a little more rough-housing than thinner ladies slippers.

So, why wait?

Jump online or head into one of our stores and get a brand new pair of ladies slippers! Our friendly team will be happy to help you find what you are looking for, whether it is through our handy LiveChat feature or face-to-face with a team member. If you are looking for a specific style, colour, or size, we will do our very best to assist you. Shop for ladies slippers, and get the look for less at Spendless Shoes.