Non-Slip School Shoe Styles Even The Kids Will Love

One of the hardest things you will have to do with your children is shopping! Tackling them down to try on clothes is a nightmare, let alone trying on kid’s school shoes. So, come on into Spendless, and we guarantee we will make shopping with your child a breeze. 


Shop our collection of kid’s school shoes and find non-slip styles that even your children will love! 


So, What Should You Be Looking For In Kid’s School Shoes?  


1. Flexibility


You want to make sure your children’s feet aren’t stuck in stiff kicks all day. Flexibility throughout the front means this will help your child push off with their toes at the sole's ball while the rest of their foot is kept stable and secure. However, you want to make sure that your kid’s school shoes aren’t too flexible. If the front twists all too easy, then there isn’t enough support. 


2. Small Heels


Good kid’s school shoes will have a small heel that will keep your children’s feet in a neutral position, whereas a completely flat heel can cause your child’s toes to claw. 


3. Lightweight


A kid’s school shoes shouldn’t be too heavy. Heaviness can cause muscle and foot aches. 


4. Have Plenty Of Toe Room


Ensure your child has plenty of toe room for your little one’s feet to grow into. Also, ensure that your child can wriggle their toes freely. There should be a space at the end of the shoe where your child’s toes can move freely (use your thumb as a guide here).


5. Leather Uppers


Leather upper made kid’s school shoes are not essential but do tend to last longer and will allow your children’s feet to breathe throughout the day. This is handy, especially with all of the running around your children do throughout the day!


6. Non-Slip-On Styles


Kid’s school shoes should not be slip-on styles. Although this seems like an easy option for young children, kid’s school shoes should have laces, buckles or touch-fastening straps so they can be adjusted to fit your child’s foot perfectly. 


7. Measure Twice


Your child’s feet are constantly growing and changing, so ensure you measure your child’s foot twice, try on and walk around to ensure complete comfort. 


Not all kid’s school shoes come in the forms of trainers or sneakers, but we can guarantee that each style is made for walking, sitting, standing, running and playing. Our durable and practical kid’s school shoes will get your child from point A to point B comfortably and safely with our range of non-slip kid’s school shoes. 


For long-wearing and durable kid’s school shoes, we recommend buying leather. Of course, we also have vegan-friendly options. Our synthetic kid’s school shoes have been produced ethically. They are environmentally sustainable, so feel better knowing your child is wearing a pair of vegan-friendly kid’s school shoes. 

At Spendless, since we’ve taken care of all the hard work of ensuring our kid’s school shoes are uniquely created to keep your children’s feet cosy, warm and dry throughout the year. All you will need to do is ensure your child has the correct sizing and fastening options. And to ensure you choose the right fastening options for your child, let’s now go through the different options. 


Touch-Fastening Straps


Whether you are shopping for little boys or little girls, we have the perfect kid’s school shoes that will get your children from home to the classroom and back home again in one piece with our non-slip kid’s school shoes. 


We recommend the collection of touch-fastening straps in our kid’s school shoe range for the little ones. Before your little ones have mastered tying their shoelaces, you won't be worrying at home about untied laces. Our easy to use touch-fastening straps will keep your children’s feet inside shoes at all times. 


Our kid’s school shoes with touch-fastening straps come in a range of suitable styles for boys or girls. Whether you are looking for styles for your little girls, we have classic Mary jane styles and closed in unisex styles that are suitable for little boys.




Lace-ups are always better for older children. If choosing laces for your child, then ensure that they are confident in tying their laces independently. The last thing you want is your child falling over untied laces during lunchtime. 


Our practical lace-up kid’s school shoes are suited for both boys and girls and come in both leather and non-leather fabric options. Our lace-up styles are hardwearing. Although they look like classic kid’s school shoes, they have excellent tread and non-slip functions, meaning they act similarly to trainers or sneakers! 


Our lace-up styles will keep your children feeling fully supported throughout the day. The adjustable laces will always ensure the perfect fit. Send your child off to the classroom each day looking smart in a pair of Spendless Shoes’ kid’s school shoes. 

Affordable Prices


Why Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On Kid’s School Shoes? 


Your children do an excessive amount of growth, and before you know it, they’ve already grown out of their classroom kicks as quick as they fit into them! So why spend top dollar on kid’s school shoes that you will only need to replace within a few months? 


Shop at Spendless. You will find leather and non-leather kid’s school shoes at affordable prices. When we say affordable, we mean affordable. Pick up a pair for no more than $50! 


If you are on the hunt for new kid’s school shoes, look no further than Spendless. Find affordable, long-wearing and smart-looking kid’s school shoes all under the same roof! Or save yourself the hassle of taking your children shopping and easily shop online. Take advantage of our online size guide to help you find the right fit for your little one. 

So, What Are You Waiting For? 


Tick this task off from your to-do list and head into Spendless Shoes today!