Need School Shoes That Will Stand Up To Everyday Wear and Tear? Spendless Have the Answer!

Finding Boys School Shoes Is Easy With Spendless

At Spendless, we know all about boys' school shoes! With thirty years under our belt and plenty of experience outfitting kids as the term starts anew, we know just what you are after. Finding the right pair of boys' school shoes is crucial to your child's comfort. With five days of lessons for forty weeks a year, the current pair will be the most-worn set of footwear in a student's wardrobe until they graduate.

Our styles

Black lace-up style boys' school shoes will always be a permanent fixture in the classroom. They are sleek, professional-looking styles, and perfect for the playground as well.

Velcro fastenings or laces?

Whether or not you should pick velcro will depend on your child's age and confidence with shoelaces. For younger kids, velcro is easy to adjust if they are uncomfortable and should keep their feet securely inside. While they are still learning to lace, it is an excellent idea to wear these boys' school shoes.

A great range of sizes and prices

At Spendless, we stock styles that can grow up with your kids. Unfortunately, kids have this awful habit of growing near-constantly. Depending on how often your kids have a growth spurt, you could be looking at buying boys' school shoes that last a year or less. With this in mind, you can appreciate our affordable prices and a wide range of sizes.

Spendless provides an array of boys' school shoes to help you along and to keep pace with growing kids. Our sizing range for kids has a large span, and many of our boys' school shoes come in up to six or seven sizes. So, if you find a great style that your kids love, then remember the name! There is a good chance we still have it in stock so that you can shop for the next size up in no time. Otherwise, we may have the same style of boys' school shoes in larger sizes under a different name.

How to check the fit

Finding the right fit of boys' school shoes does not have to be a challenge. We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that should help make things easier.

First, have your kids try their boys' school shoes on wearing their uniform socks. That way, you can be sure that there will not be any nasty surprises on the first day back!

Second, check the sides as you fasten it up. When you lace up a pair of boys' school shoes, there should be around one centimetre between the sides. If it is any larger, you can correct the fit with an innersole if need be. However, any tighter you will need to pick a smaller size of boys' school shoes.

Third, ask your child how their feet are feeling. If any pinching or pressure is being placed on the foot, then you will want to know. You can always try loosening the laces or trying a broader style of boys' school shoes, after all!

Fourth, do a press-test to check the space. There should be a finger-width between the tip of your child's longest toe and the end of their boys' school shoes. If you cannot feel it, then have your child wiggle their toes. If they can touch the end, they are too small.

Fifth, have your child walk around. If there is slipping at the heel, then the boys' school shoes are no good.

So, are you ready to buy boys' school shoes?

Get the look for less when you shop at Spendless! Browse our range of boys' school shoes online at your leisure, or head into one of our stores to have your child fitted by a professional!