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Our Range Of Work Shoes 

At Spendless, we know one size or style does not fit all. Men's work shoes can mean different things depending on what sort of job you have. The kind of men's work shoes that suit someone in an office will not necessarily be the best fit for guys who are into construction or on building sites. So, what styles of men's work shoes are ideal for you? Read and find out.

Do you need formal men's work shoes?

Are suits a mandatory at your job? If your job takes place in an office or other formal settings, there is a good chance you have a strict dress code and need men's work shoes that are up to scratch. We are talking about high-shine glossy finishes and smart-looking designs. At Spendless, our formal or dressy men's work shoes come in two main kinds: laced or slide-on.

Our slip-on men's work shoes are great for busy guys who are always on the move and in a rush. They are easy to take on and off and have elastic panelling for a smoother fit. The laced men's work shoes from this section are classic and contemporary in design and easily double as formal wear to weddings or other black-tie events.


If the dress code in your workplace is a little less stringent, you can get more creative with the kinds of men's work shoes you can have. Formal styles in tan, beige, or grey can boost a relaxed outfit to smart-casual and be a nice finishing touch to a look. Otherwise, you could always go with boots. Some in a popular Chelsea-style or our faux suede laced boots would look great with everything from jeans and a buttoned shirt to chinos and a jacket. These are the perfect chameleons for a quick change from on-duty to off-duty.

Slip-resistant and safety

Are you into fast food or hospitality work? Bartending? How about retail or nursing? If your job brings you into contact with oil, water, grease, or slippery hazards, there is a good chance you need men's work shoes that are up to the task. At Spendless, we have the best slip-resistant styles to suit you.

These have a multitude of unique design features to aid their grip and durability, such as their oil resistant outsole. When it comes to comfort, you would be hard-pressed to find styles more attentive than these men's work shoes. The slip-resistant range comes with heel impact cushioning, provide shock absorption and support, and have a flexible padded innersole for all-day comfort.

If you spend long hours up on your feet, you should consider picking a pair of slip-resistant men's work shoes for yourself.

Need something heavy-duty?

If you are into construction or other hands-on jobs, come into close contact with heavy machinery, or deal with many hazards during your day, the odds are that you need some sturdy men's work shoes. We have just the range for you at Spendless. Our heavy-duty boots are the perfect choice for anyone who needs men's work shoes that can protect their feet if their job brings them into contact with sharp objects, electrical wiring, chemicals, or other hazardous materials.

These men's work shoes are Australian Safety Standard approved, and ready to take whatever your day can throw at you. You get the choice of pull-on boots or lace-up styles, and all in a variety of colours.

So, which sort do you think will be your perfect pair?

At Spendless, we have men's work shoes fit for jobs of all descriptions. Get the look for less when you shop men's work shoes online or in one of our stores.