Must have shoe accessories

Where to look for shoe accessories

Is foot pain the bane of your existence? Have a lousy track record of broken heels or blisters after another big event? When you purchase a beautiful new pair of shoes, do you start worrying that they will not stay beautiful for long? At Spendless Shoes, we have the solution to your shoe-related problems. With thirty years of experience underfoot, we know how to give your latest style the leading edge. That is why we produce a line of unique shoe accessories. Stop your next fashion disaster before it happens with our handy shoe accessories. At Spendless Shoes, we are here to help!

On our website, you will find a category called "accessories" next to the main sections for men, women, and kids. In a store, our shoe accessories are usually found towards the front or at the counter; if you are having trouble finding the shoe accessories, feel free to ask one of our team members.

Gel cushions

On our website, you will find a category called accessories, and within that category, you will find Foot care which includes gel cushions. Gel cushions are great shoe accessories for when you need some extra padding and can save you a few blisters if you are prone to them. Our clear gel cushions slot in and stay with an adhesive, and help provide squishy, cushiony goodness to the balls of your feet.


When it comes to shoe accessories, innersoles are a gift that keeps on giving. These provide comfort for the entire foot and can be cut down and customised to a size that fits you. These shoe accessories are guaranteed to improve the comfort of your shoes! They are like little pillows on your feet, and you should not look past investing in a pair of these handy shoe accessories. Innersoles are reasonably priced from $3.99 for foam innersoles, $7.99 for supreme innersoles and $16.99 for gel innersoles. Gel innersoles are the most effective of the innersole shoe accessories, as they provide a higher level of coverage, but the supreme and foam innersoles are more straightforward to reuse and fit in smaller shoes.

Water Proofer & Instant Shine

These are the must-have shoe accessories, and you need these in your cupboard at home for any shoes you have. If you love faux suede or other soft finishes on your winter styles, you should look at waterproofing them. The effects are long-lasting but do not mark or otherwise affect the shoes. Rain is not the only watery hazard you can come across—puddles, kitchens, restaurants, and clubs are all hotspots for water damage. While other shoe accessories may be more personal, waterproofing spray is an excellent investment for everyone.

Instant shine also falls into the category of shoe accessories you should always keep in your cupboard. No mess, easy to use, and suitable for use on shoes of all colours. Liven up your sad, tired looking footwear and enjoy the instant shine.

Shoelaces & Socks

Ready for more? Along with the rest of our shoe accessories, there is the shoelaces and sock division. Our laces come in a range of colours such as tan, white and black and come in different lengths while our socks come in different lengths and black and white! These shoe accessories span a variety of sizes and cater to all ages and genders.

Shoe accessories can make or break a problematic pair of shoes. To get the best comfort out of your new pair, have a look at our range of shoe accessories the next time you shop at Spendless Shoes. Get the best shoe accessories. Get the look for less.