Mens Sandals That Make You Stand Out From The Crowd!

Men's sandals come in all shapes and sizes, so there's no excuse for an uninspiring style.

Men's sandals come in all shapes and sizes, so there's no excuse for an uninspiring style. Spendless Shoes has compiled a few options for your consideration in 2019. Whether you're hoping to find a new everyday pair or formal men's sandals for an evening out, we've got a pair that can satisfy you. Now, have a look at the enticing collection below, and start adding styles to your shopping list!

If you're looking for men's sandals that can make a difference this season, then our gladiators are a great place to start!

These half-covered men's sandals are fantastic summer and spring styles. Their open design allows for airflow during hot and stifling weather, while the remaining cover also protects sensitive skin from the sun. However, these men's sandals do more than just regular foot temperature— they feel great on your feet as well! We love seeing our gladiators used as modern dress shoes. Not only do they dress down suit pants for semi-formal settings, but they give them a new element too. Anyone tired of wearing the same old dress shoes should give these men's sandals a try!

Have you considered slides for your collection?

As anyone who's been paying any attention to the shoe world already knows, Birkenstock-inspired styles are marking it big! These dual-buckled shoes fill the gap between beach shoes and formal men's sandals. As an on-the-fence look, Birkenstock-inspired designs are easy to pair with everything from chinos to jeans. Slide-style men's sandals, like our gladiators, are something you could dress up for the occasion with the right clothes. In terms of styling, you can pair slides with jeans and a top any day easily. However, a classic denim or striped bomber jacket would be nice with retro men's sandals too.

Are you on the lookout for something a little more basic?

No worries! Spendless Shoes has a few styles for you as well. Namely, we have standout and trendy retro slides. These nostalgia-inducing men's sandals have a simple slide-on fit and a thick top band. The thicker sole cushions feet from regular strain and impact throughout the day, so you're guaranteed hours of excellent comfort! While these men's sandals wouldn't be appropriate for fancy venues, they'll be a go-to for casual wear a staple during the season. Instead of staying with conventional and predictable thongs in the summertime, you can try our slides!

How about a standout set of men's sandals to wear outdoors?

Spendless Shoes has a few reef-walkers fit for the job! If you love getting outdoors on the weekends and need men's sandals that can keep up, then our reef-walkers are the ones for you! You can forget about losing your shoes in rough surf or sinking sand when you have a pair of these on your feet. The firm touch-fastening straps provide superior security for your feet and should stop any misadventures by the seaside. The grooved soles of our men's sandals also make them steady and stable across slippery surfaces. Of course, you can take these more places than the beach if you want to. The excellent grip also makes them suitable to go through gravel, grass, dirt, and foliage. However, keep in mind that the sides of our men's sandals are exposed, so your feet can still get dirty!

We hope you enjoyed this little teaser!

For a closer look at any of these men's sandals, or to browse through ones you haven't been introduced to yet, visit Spendless Shoes. Our stores are spread all across Australia, and there may be one local to you! Otherwise, shopping for men's sandals is accessible online, anytime. Spend less on your next pair with Spendless Shoes!