Mens Casual Shoes That Aren’t Boring!

Who says that finding decent men's casual shoes has to be hard work?

Who says that finding decent men's casual shoes has to be hard work? Spendless is here to guide you to your ideal pair and answer a few quick questions.

How do you make men's casual shoes more eye-catching and intriguing?

Extra features make all the difference. If you want to turn a generic style into something interesting to wear (and look at), then you need men's casual shoes with fashionable details integrated into the design.

Take our woven men's casual shoes as an example

The highlight of these is undoubtedly the weaving along the top and across the sides of the styles. Without this additional detailing, our everyday loafers would look bland or conventional. But, thanks to the trendy texturing, these men's casual shoes can stand out in a crowd of other styles. Even if loafers are your all-time favourite footwear, you can still find ways to make your collection feel new and inventive.

Not only that, but you can drastically change the aesthetic of men's casual shoes by changing the colour or altering small portions too.

Additional features on the design can also create points of difference between men's casual shoes, and make them seem more independent of each other. For instance, if you shop for the woven-top styles at Spendless, you'll notice that some come with laces on top, while others remain bare. Laces seem like an insignificant detail, but they do alter the look and feel of men's casual shoes. The lace-up ones have been modified to feel like formal footwear, while the traditional pairs maintain their loafer design. Selecting one or the other for a specific event is now far more straightforward than it would be otherwise.

For another example, there's also our boat-style men's casual shoes

Comfort and functionality are essential to anything from this category, but at Spendless, we take things a step further. Not only do we create some exciting looks for what could otherwise be a forgettable range of styles, but we also provide plenty of options for shoppers. The contrast stitching, exposed laces looped through the side, and smooth material make men's casual shoes like these a treat. Not only do they retain their stellar support, but they also come in a multitude of modern shades. Our favourite versions of these men's casual shoes come in navy and tan – two shades which also happen to look fantastic with dozens of other colours.

For something even more different, try our boots!

Typically, most people think of sandals, slides, or summery flats when they imagine men's casual shoes. However, boots dominate the everyday wardrobe of most guys during autumn and winter. They're warm, provide protection against the elements, and you can pair plenty of them with suits or jeans. And, like the men's casual shoes discussed above, our boots have additional detailing to give them an edge on the competition.

Firstly, the majority of our styles come with laced uppers, which makes the fit on each foot changeable. Secondly, these men's casual shoes also use side zippers, so getting them on and off fast is no struggle. Thirdly, within the range, you have your selection of glossy or matte materials. While the look of our men's casual shoes is fundamentally similar, each addition (or exclusion) forms boots that could appeal to anyone.

Which style will you be hunting?

Spendless has dozens of men's casual shoes available for you this season. If you want to find out more or start your shopping, then visit us online or in a store soon! We can't say which of our men's casual shoes will appeal to you, but we know you'll have fun spending less!