Men’s Sneakers That Are Making A Fashion Comeback!

It’s hard to come back into style when you never left. Our men’s sneakers are trans-seasonal, trendy, and a must-have for any wardrobe. It’s almost impossible to search through our range without spotting something that appeals to you since we have such a diverse range of styles on offer. Today, we’re going to direct you towards the leading designs, where you’re sure to find men’s sneakers that suit your look. 

Your sportiest men’s sneakers can be trendy too!

A few years ago, you were only expected to wear your active footwear playing sports or working out at the gym. Over the last few years, however, there’s been a tremendous rise in athleisure wear as a casual look. It’s not uncommon to see guys hanging out on the weekends or running errands in their men’s sneakers and activewear. For one thing, this combination creates a trendy ready-to-go aesthetic. For another, wearing men’s sneakers and gym clothes means you can stay comfy all the time. It looks cool, and, better yet, it’s socially acceptable. So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the current trends and get yourself bold men’s sneakers to wear with your favourite active brands? 

Spendless Shoes has plenty for you to pick anyways. Our favourites include styles with a retro black-and-white finish, but if you like a splash of colour on your footwear, then we’ve got some others that you’ll admire. These men’s sneakers come with energetic yellow or orange details. 

How do you feel about hi-tops? 

Believe it or not, these have been a popular pick for men’s sneakers this year too! If you’re a fan of anything that can give your casual clothes a relaxed street-style vibe, then these are unmissable. Unlike your standard sporty men’s sneakers, our trainers have a high cut and a little bit of attitude. They may not have a sporty sole, but they are flat and comfy enough to see you through the day. You’re more likely to wear a pair of these with skinny jeans during autumn or winter, but they can be a cool look during spring and summer too. Whatever season you choose to wear your hi-top men’s sneakers in, be sure that you keep the ankle uncovered, or you’ll be hiding the best bit. 

Casual trainers are another favourite option

Like hi-tops, these men’s sneakers have less sole and more trend. With their slim shape and super flexible fit, these are ideal as weekend wear. You wouldn’t play a serious game of footy, basketball, or similar with these on your feet. But, there’s no reason you can’t mess around in our slim men’s sneakers. Since they have a short cut and sit low around the ankle, trainers of this kind are a popular pick for the warmer months, where you can wear them with shorts and a basic tee. All-black is the leading pick for casual wear, while navy and grey men’s sneakers feel a little more formal. 

Finally, you should give our chunky men’s sneakers a chance!

These designs come with thick soles for both comfort and style. Unlike our other fashionable men’s sneakers, which are almost exclusively flat, these come with eye-catching grooves that draw attention to the base of the style. Once again, these are more fashion-focused than functional, so we don’t recommend wearing them to play sports or workout. But, if you’ve been hunting for men’s sneakers that can elevate your look, then these are a fantastic option. 

So, which of these will guide your style this season? 

Whatever you choose, Spendless Shoes has heaps of men’s sneakers for you to try. Why not see what our range can bring you today? Visit us online or at your local store, where you can spend less on your new pair!